God by definition is the fulfilment of your existence and gives meaning to you, to your whole being, which follows from his creating you out of love.

God forgives all who repent according to Christianity but the caveat that you offer Jesus in your place.  He is the one who does the good for God that we failed to do.  This is the atonement. This bigoted doctrine implies that anybody who sees no need for an atoner is not forgiven even if they think they are.  Christians are expected to make his forgiving others their own in the sense that they agree with it and let the matter go.  It in a sense is forgiving by proxy.  Mercy is the suspension of justice, giving a person good when they deserve bad or giving them a lighter punishment, and thus if God has mercy on x then you are banned from giving that person what you see they deserve.

If God forgives, then you have to forgive in a sense with him. You agree with what he does and would do the same yourself. You unite your will to his. As you have to become one in love with God, you need to unite your heart with his. You would do what God does if you were God.  So you indirectly forgive those whom he forgives. You are a forgiver with God in the sense that Hitler and so on must be pardoned by him if they repent. You then as much as God are involved in mercy to evil people.

Indirect does not mean your part is in any way inferior or less involved. In this case it means you are as involved. So you are forgiving what was done to innocent people. But you are not the one hurt so you cannot really know exactly what you are saying is forgiven and does not matter any more. It's too easy to give mercy when you are not the victim. It’s a lack of empathy. Are you using God to make yourself feel better for real empathy is painful? You certainly are!

It is one thing to pardon what personally affects me or done to my community which by extension is done to me.  But it is my place to forgive what was done to somebody else altogether?

[We will leave aside the Christian doctrine that God made humanity as a unit so to hurt one is in a way, a real way, to hurt all.]

Forgiveness means knowing what you are forgiving but you cannot for you are not the victim. You have a rough idea but their suffering deserves more respect than you imposing your assumptions on it for they cannot really touch on the horror and degradation involved.   There is no comparison between what you have to forgive no matter how terrible it is and what happens to the billions of people alive now and who have ever lived and who will ever lived.  Grow up.

This is damning.  God belief on humanist grounds is unworthy of respect.  It is affirming a right to fake forgiveness for oppressors of good innocent people who you do not know.  Each one has to ask if they are really okay with God forgiving the worst monsters out there?  If they are this is a lack of empathy pretending to be forgiveness.

Worse, God is said to help you unite your core and his, your spirit and his by grace. Grace is God’s power to correct us when we cannot do it ourselves. He is then called a party to your self-deception about your noble and forgiving outlook. If you pray for grace for others you are going too far. If others pray for grace for you they are going too far.

The doctrine of a loving God who is our meaning in life is decisively disproved.  The doctrine of an evil creator is not but I would not call it God.

Don’t use the suffering of others that you will never experience or fully understand to build a faith for yourself on it.  Don't use it as a crutch to make yourself out to be a hero where forgiveness is concerned.

NOTE: The Christian ethos of mercy and over-confidence in redemption was the reason Hitler got off too light in 1923 when he was found guilty of an attempted coup. Catholic Germany forgave. Protestant Germany forgave. Atheist Germany was too small to count. Germany decided to move on. A decade later their forgiveness had created this monster. Failure to hold him responsible properly put him on the path to becoming this this dictator who engineered the worst evil of all time. Not only that but the anti-Jew seeds are still sprouting since Hitler watered them. Weedkiller does little.

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