Christianity has a terrible history of picking on the Jews for their faith.  They looked at people and determined they belonged to the Jewish race.  This led to a toxic combination of religious and racist hate.  Antisemitism even exists in Jesus.  Jesus never said a word against the Romans brutally oppressing his Jewish people.  He did in Matthew 23 say the Jewish leaders were dangerous and murderers and challenged them to kill him.  This put them in danger of being attacked under the guise of defending the innocent.  The leaders had ordinary Jews in their entourage and as community members.  They could not be endangered without hurting Jewish women and children.

Christians use the "God forgives" thing as an excuse for not having empathy when somebody hurts innocent people who are not in their circle.  It forgave Hitlers' antisemitism.  The Church welcomed him to communion and never once said, "You hate a whole group of people so should you come to communion with such hate in your heart?"

The Christian ethos of mercy and over-confidence in redemption was the reason Hitler got off too light in 1923 when he was found guilty of an attempted coup. Catholic Germany forgave. Protestant Germany forgave. Atheist Germany was too small to count. Germany decided to move on. Liberal Christianity was rife in Germany. Its role was huge so Germany forgave. Germany decided to move on. Traditional Christianity was just as complicit. A decade later their forgiveness had created this monster. Failure to hold him responsible properly put him on the path to becoming this this dictator who engineered the worst evil of all time. Not only that but the anti-Jew seeds are still sprouting since Hitler watered them. Weedkiller does little

Indifference is dressed up by too many of us as it is as forgiveness.  Christianity does it more than anything.

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