The claim that forgiveness is compatible with getting the wrongdoer punished is so laughable when it comes from the mouth of a believer in God. It is laughable enough when coming from an unbeliever because what it is saying is that the wrongdoing doesn’t matter to anymore. But evil does matter. To say that evil is evil and yet does not matter is to become as evil as the person who did the wrong in your innermost heart despite your noble exterior.

It is totally insulting to the intelligence to be asked by the hypocrites in our society to forgive criminals and then punish them as if not forgiving them would be more hurtful to all concerned than punishing them. Not forgiving was declared by Jesus to be a heinous crime that would stop God forgiving you because it implied ingratitude for the fact that he forgave you and gave you an undeserved ticked to everlasting salvation. Clearly then it is worse not to forgive than not to punish. Man was made for religion and religion was not made for man. All this is what belief in God logically implies. If you really forgive you will be upset to see the criminals punished even if you think they should be. Forgiveness then solves nothing. It gives the criminals more power to hurt you as if the criminal action can’t do enough of that on its own. To emphasise forgiveness more than letting criminals off is silly for if you forgive so that you can love them what good is your love going to be to them in jail? If forgiveness is what matters most then you should not let them be punished. If forgiveness does that then you should not need to forgive in the first place- just turn your blind spot to crime.

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