Though believing that nobody can be forced to believe, a religion that believes in the power of God to persuade people that his word is truth must agree with forcing people to hear it so that the seeds that may produce faith can be planted. It can force people to take the first step towards faith which is agreeing that the Church is true – this is not faith by itself because faith is committing your mind and will to God in trust (page 384, Handbook of Christian Apologetics). You need to believe that there is a goal of faith before you can make your way to it. God said, “My word…shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it” (Isaiah 55:11). Force can convert if God gives grace to all to enable them to believe as religions like Roman Catholicism say. The Bible says that Christ gives light to every person (John 1:9). The Holy Spirit can convince the unbeliever. He is omnipotent and can make conversion likely.
People force people to hear things all the time so they can’t disapprove of religionists forcing a person to hear their gospel. Jesus forced the Jews to listen to him when he hurled abuse and criticism at them in public.
Many refuse to listen when religionists try to get them interested in their message. A rejection of what you do not understand is invalid for you cannot really mean it. Religion must have the right to ignore it and force unbelievers to listen for that maximises their chance of accepting the gospel while not forcing is just abandoning them.
If unbelievers resent the pests it is their problem and they should be grateful so there is no sense in arguing that coercing them to listen will deter them from the truth. They show what if the ambassadors of truth are pests that truth is still truth. Being held prisoner for the purpose of indoctrination will not cause a person to be blinded against the dogmas by anger when it is done in love. They have to be told that they are angry because they are uncomfortable and not because of God or you. The person who is emotionally harmed by it is the cause of her or his own harm and so the forcers should not worry about it. God heals and she or he will be grateful in the end.
Religionists see that force works on getting children to accept secular facts so they will succeed far more if they do it with religion.
Good religionists would capture sceptics, tie them up and then indoctrinate them taking care not to brainwash them.  If religion had the legal freedom today to do that what would happen?  Would it do it?  It would consider it!

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