Christians say the sinner is a slave to sin. Jesus came up with that doctrine.
If sin takes us captive and makes us prisoners then it must be a duty to use force to stop those who promote it just like you would stop drug pushers.  Better to be forced to repent than forced to be stuck with a worse slave master.
Also, the power and influence of evil spirits needs to be contained if it cannot be eliminated. Christians believe these spirits would afflict and kill.
Some who reject Christianity think that demons want you to misuse free will and sin. They do not care about making you sick or killing you. As they hate God, they want you to hurt him by sins.
If sin is collaboration with such evil and giving demons power and influence then for people's protection the sinner should be forced to obey God and the Church.
Repentance is being sorry for your sin and wishing it had never been done and resolving to make amends and never do it again.

God is supposed to forgive sinners. Life would be unbearable if he did not.

Many sinners do not repent or at least do not repent promptly.

God could force these to repent in such a way that they think they are repenting of their own free will.

Then he could stop forcing them so that they will keep up what they thought was their own free repentance. That would then be real repentance for they are doing it themselves. Repentance is not a once for all thing but an attitude. You can repent your repentance by turning away from a repentant attitude.

If you are most free when you do good then God is respecting your free will best when he forces you to repent. Religion says that sin is really insanity and you can force cures on insane people. If God lets us commit sins that harm little he should not let us commit murder or anything very harmful.
Also, we should be forced to repent for if we aren’t, we will destroy the freedom of others by our bad example.

People would be better if there were a God. There would be no stubborn sinners.

If there is always sin in us until we die as the Bible says then that sin prevents us doing good. It is more malicious to do good with a sin in your heart than it is to do nothing. The good is desecrated and by doing it you are after a reward for your hidden sin which is theft and hypocrisy. It is only the intention, not the results that God cares about when evil exists so the damage does not bother him. When a person gets the grace of repentance and is pardoned for sin these things are forced on him despite the sins that are always present and the desire for the repentance and pardon are impossible to a sinner. So it seems we are forced anyway. But God should do better though.

Religion tells us that God cannot blackmail us into doing good for we ought to do good freely and not to evade distress. The only reason it says that is because it is obvious that he does not do much of it and not because reason says God would not do a thing like that.

Reason says the complete opposite.

Suppose you have free will.

If a person holds a gun to your head and will pull the trigger if you won’t do what he tells you people will say you have had no choice if you do it. But is that really true? No! Assuming we do make choices and are not just responding to mental programs, you had to choose between death and doing what the man wanted and you chose the latter. He forced you to make a decision but he did not force you to make any particular decision. You did make decision. You made it freely. It is a mistake to say that God cannot blackmail people to be good. Because he won’t he is to blame for our sins. God is worse than the devil for the devil only asks us to sin but God causes us to sin by doing nothing or not enough about us.

God could stop or reduce sin by threatening to pay us back double for every sin. It is more just and fair to prevent sin, than to scare. What God would be doing would be the lesser injustice. It is one of those things.

Religion then tries to tell you that God could not make such an arrangement because it would be removing free will. We have already dealt with that lie but suppose it would be coercion. You could be forced to do something good such as become a Third World Relief Worker now. Then your freedom is restored. You will think you chose the forced act. So you will still wish you carry on the good it for no reason but just out of love. That would mean that now you would do the good thing even if there is no coercion. So love and coercion can co-exist. It is really only a person’s motives that count with God.

When you have been forced to do some good deed or have committed one by mistake you would think, “When it was going to happen anyway I wish I had done it freely and with full knowledge.” That is the least you can do for what is done is done so it proves that what you are compelled to do can be turned into love.

We love sometimes when we have the opportunity if we are free but if we are forced to do good we are more likely to love all the time for then we won’t turn down the opportunity. Coercion not freedom is the road to love and freedom. If God existed he would be the blackmailer with a heart of gold.

Christianity and Islam blackmail people who believe to remain believers or else they will rot in Hell forever. They have blackmailer Gods. They evilly praise God for not doing more good with his blackmailing. If you are on your deathbed, you will feel you have no choice but to turn to God for the alternative, everlasting torment in Hell, is only seconds away.

God doesn’t blackmail and if he is good then it follows that it is a sin to uphold the law of the land. Laws are for blackmailing people to be good.
To say that you are so heartless that you will not respond to the love of God and honour him is emotional blackmail. Christians blackmail for their blackmailer God. They don't even seem to care that God will not blackmail the likes of Hitler! They do care when it is somebody who commits some sin they do not like. It is not about the sin but about that they do not like it.




Jesus taught that those who die outside of God's friendship will suffer forever the punishment of Hell.  It is a state of weeping and agonising gnashing of teeth.

If Hell is so terrible then surely the damned would out of sheer panic and agony try to repent and even start to behave better though they cannot change their hearts and wish they could?  The Church answers it is no good for it is not real repentance.   But that contradicts the doctrine that God does not ask the impossible.  If that kind of repentance is all you can offer then God has to accept it.

If God should force repentance on us to stop us setting up concentration camps how much more should he act to stop us creating the eternal concentration camp of Hell?

A person who cannot see how wrong God is and how terrible it is to praise one that uses sin as an excuse for putting people in Hell may as well praise Satan.  Or is the praise of the evil one being hidden in the worship of God?

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