The Christian Church says she has no right to baptise babies that will not be raised as Christians even though baptism magically inclines them to believe in Christ. When you think for a minute you can see that his rule is just a cruel plot to get conditioning them and getting their mothers and fathers to be loyal to the Church and give her money and help her condition the child. God could bring the babies into contact with Christianity later on. She should baptise just in case – even if it against the will of the parents. Where is this confidence in God that she says she has now? And if it is true as liberals say that those who are sincerely wrong are in the true religion for they want to be right then it doesn’t matter in which religion they are raised. The rule shows that the Church is perfectly willing to heap an indignity on an innocent baby for the sake of power. All this implies that it is perfectly right to baptise as many babies as possible so that by the magic of this sacrament they may have a greater resistance to sin - with or without the parent’s consent.
If baptism takes away original sin as the Church says, and is a powerful protection against sin, then it makes sense to baptise even those who will or may not ever become Christians.
It is also right to baptise adults against their will and it is possible to do it validly even though the Church says that an adult who doesn’t want to be baptised cannot be validly baptised under compulsion. If they want to be right and if baptism should be received by all, then God has to accept their wish as sufficient consent to baptism. (If he blesses the sincere with forgiveness and salvation and mercy he forces the grace of the blood of Christ on the Buddhist who normally would refuse to become a Christian or pray for pardon.) Their refusal is invalid for they don’t know that they should accept it and desire to be right with deity if it exists.
If sin is insanity as the Catholic Church teaches (page 303, Handbook of Christian Apologetics) then the sinner is in the same position as a baby or a psychotic person. The Church gives these sacraments without their consent because they don’t know what they are doing. The Church can force Church membership on anybody.
The Church claims that the baptised – even the babies of pagans who have been baptised without the knowledge of their parents by sneaky Catholics – belong to her so she has a right to make sure they are reared in her bosom. Pope Blessed Pius IX had a Jewish boy kidnapped and reared him himself all because the child was baptised.
Baptism is forced on babies anyway for they cannot choose it so it is the divine stamp of the Catholic Church that God finds force acceptable in religion.

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