The Fool Says in his Heart that there is No God

Jesus when he sang the psalms in synagogue sang one saying that the fool says deep inside that there is no God.

Maybe he read this in the pulpit, "They sweep past like the wind and are gone. But they are deeply guilty, for their own strength is their god", Habakkuk 1:1.

He invested the apostles with his teaching authority.

The apostle Paul in Romans 3:10 cites the psalm with approval.  It is said by some despite the wording to directly refer to effective atheism – living as if God does not matter. Does the fool says inside his heart that there is no God sound like it means that? Says means he believes in the non-reality of God. Atheists did exist in those days. So the words directly condemn the atheist. Why? Simply because effective atheism is a sin full stop. Atheists as in belief and atheists as in effective atheists are condemned together. So despite the wording, it is about effective atheism first and foremost. It is about those who do deny God in how they live. In other words, the less you are about God the more sin there is in you.  Paul in his thoughts was aware of those who act as if God were not there and who are atheists in the way they act. He would leap to say that even he like everybody else is a fool or atheist in that sense. Atheism is condemned as a massive sin in the text. The atheist is a fool or stupid on every level.  This in today's atmosphere of tolerance and inclusion is hate speech.

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