The Christians say the Bible is not a scientific textbook but despite that there is no proof that it is against science in principle or against any special finding of science.

The Manichees like many heretics before them believed that certain foods should be avoided and they just took food that was white on the basis that its colour showed it was full of light, so they thought it was a better energy source. Such food regulations were nearly always bad science or based on the idea that eating animals was cruel. We still have some bad science around today that condemns many foods. Yet the Bible condemns forbidding foods (1 Timothy 4:3). This clearly suggests that if it can be eaten it should be eaten. It opposes science even when it is correct about some food being bad.  A ban at least discouraging use of fat in cooking would have saved millions.

Jesus said that no food is unclean any more.  The law of Moses banned unclean foods.  Jesus said the law was inerrant and correct.  The gospel says he cleansed the foods meaning by a miracle.  There is thus no contradiction between him and the law.  He said that whatever goes into you does not make you unclean but what is in the heart.  This was in fact changing the emphasis.  The cleanness laws were to be maintained but were about what was in your heart not your belly.  The old version had rules about avoiding menstruating women and "dirty" people.  The updated cleanness laws then implied that if a person expresses malice or does not do their duty to God then they are to be avoided.

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