Catholics put children forward for first communion regardless of them being disturbed by this body and blood consuming ritual.  Children that would refuse are bribed with the thought of having a special day maybe a white dress and a dinner and getting gifts of money.  Actions speak louder than words so the spiritual superficiality of the participants and parents says something.  They sense something is wrong deep down.  So they use deflection. 

The notion that the communion wafer is a living man and indeed a man who is saved and is more alive than us leads easily to the assumption that abortion is wrong for a ball of cells might be a real person with full rights. Jesus’ soul is the soul of the wafer so it follows your keyring could be a person.  Yet Catholicism denies you the right to suggest that your keyring is your father.  Anyway, it is easy then to see a zygote as a person with as much of a right to live as a forty year old.  The fanaticism of this rite is obvious. 

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