Catholicism teaches that marriage is a sacrament. A sacrament is a sign that actually gives the power from God and the supernatural help of God that it pictures. For example, baptism pictures God washing sins away and so when a person is baptised God really takes their sins away when the rite takes place.
So the Church says marriage is a sacrament. Accordingly the Church reasons then that God gives grace through marriage so that the husband and wife will be saved if they remain true to him. It reasons also that to speak of marriage in a disparaging way is a great sin. Marriage is sacred. Marriage depicts the relationship between Christ and his Church. So if marriage is bad then it reflects very badly on Christianity for the Church is the bride of Christ. Marriage despite the lies of the Church is not about rewarding and crowning love for love is not even essential for a marriage to take place. It is about controlling sexuality and infers that the clergy’s permission is needed if you want to have a sex life by marriage. It implies that the clergy should have supreme authority over your married life.
Suppose marriage is a sacrament. It is grace given to help the man and woman live together and be good to one another and be good parents. Above all it is meant to make them holier and to help them prepare each other for Heaven. Few will tell you they felt more attraction to God and religion after getting married. And what happens if they break up in a month? Is the sacrament reversed or what? It can't work any more. If it does work then perhaps the man and woman should try all their lives to fix the marriage and get back together so that the sacrament can re-activate. The Church strangely does not ask this of people despite claiming to have great confidence in God's supernatural power and his grace that can melt and change the hardest of hearts. This is another testament to Christian hypocrisy.
The worst sin when a marriage breaks up is resistance to the power of the sacrament not the heartbreak caused. God comes first. The suggestion that marriage is a sacrament certainly implies that it is a grave sin to fail to keep trying. If the husband starts a new relationship, his wife should do all she can to break it up. There is miracle power ready to give them a chance even after all that. They have no excuse. Unless you agree with all the thinking in this paragraph, and you will if you are consistent, you cannot mean the marriage vows if marriage is a sacrament.

Marriage is anti-respect. Frankly, it makes a prostitute of your wife but you can correct this and the only way you need to do it is in your heart. Even if your wife earns her own bread the relationship is still one of prostitution for you are to give her financial benefits for sex if she needs them. She can't be entitled to what you own until she has sex with you at least once following the wedding. A woman that has sex with a man so that she can have a bed with him for the night is as much of a prostitute as one that walks the streets and takes money. Men are the stronger and more fearsome sex so it is absolutely certain that women will never have or be able to take full and equal rights that match men’s. The intimidation is there. Marriage gives men the wrong idea of women because when women will never be proper equals their getting married implies that women are consenting to this treatment and are the bad guys if they protest afterwards. Any man that really respects his wife does so in spite of marriage and not because of it. The man is a male prostitute too but the woman will be the one that is most degraded for she has the most chance of being degraded. Women’s rights are inseparable from working for the abolition of marriage. Recognise that marriage is really nothing. A relationship is better when there are no rings and rules to try and force it to last for life. Resentment is stronger when someone you are tied to for life hurts you because you have to put up with them until you die or they die. But in a relationship based on mutual desire and affection and not on the rules of other people this resentment will naturally be less. Most married people hate their partners but have learned to disguise it. They also carry the burden of feeling trapped. That is really bad for the health.
You have a right to what you need. You don't have a right to what you don't need. A privilege is a good thing you can have though you don't need it.
Marriage is proclaimed as human right by the Church. It is not a right. It is a privilege. You need food to live so you have a right to food. Rights are based on needs and the two go together. Marriage is not a need. You can have sex and a family and a partner and be in love without it. Religions continual interference with state marriage law is unacceptable for marriage is not a right or need but a privilege. Religion treats marriage like a need. It exalts it to a need or right. If marriage is a need then why are people who walk out of their marriages not allowed to marry again in the Catholic Church? Why are female children not encouraged to marry as soon as they start menstruating? If marriage is a need then men and women who have sex outside of it can hardly be blamed any more than people stealing food to survive can! If marriage is a need, then sympathy is due to the rapist. If contraception contradicts marriage like the Roman Catholic Church says then instead of there being a right to use contraception there is a right to have no access to contraception at all. The local pharmacy is contravening your rights by stocking condoms even if you will never use them. If marriage is a need, it follows that it is the man and woman living together that is the ultimate need. It would be crazy to describe the marriage as a need if you can allow the husband and wife to live separate lives. Without the living together, there would be only a mockery of marriage. So to say marriage is a need, is to suggest that divorce and separation are wrong under any circumstances. It is to show up marriage for the sign and symbol of oppression that it really and truly is. It plainly would hurt women more than men and subject women to men like inferiors to superiors.
Roman Catholicism teaches that marriage is a sacrament. It says that we get the right to the other sacraments at baptism. So it makes marriage a right. This implies that any religion that does not consider marriage to be a sacrament is working against human rights. It implies that the state should acknowledge that the human rights derive not from nature or reason but from religious dogma.

The Church claims that registry office weddings are invalid. Presumably because God is kept out of it. Many Jewish weddings might have been performed by a rabbi in a hurry years ago without any praying so were they invalid too? The Church is really saying that the Church and the state should be unified because the state has no right to have godless weddings on the grounds that they are not weddings at all so to have valid weddings it has to be in union with the Church. This is an arrogant, domineering and belligerent attitude. It takes away from idol-worshippers the right to perform weddings for they leave God out as much as do totally secular weddings. Marriages that are not real obviously have no right to legal protection. The Church is being totally insulting to those who have married in a registry office. Like a typical cult, it forbids Catholics to become registrars to solemnise these weddings. The Church recognised the Jewish marriages of Bible characters as valid in spite of the fact that the woman never took the marriage vows. That was the man’s prerogative. The Church is being plain nasty. To marry in a Catholic Church is to support its evil for it uses your support to abuse people. It mocks your marriage by performing it with all the disrespect it has for people. It a very serious attack on your dignity to be obligated by a religion like that to undertake the difficulties of marriage so don’t demean yourself.

One big proof that marriage as performed by the Roman Catholic Church is legalised prostitution exists in the fact that the Church is cynical about our love for God who it says is our best friend. It is hard to see then how if we cannot be trusted with God how we can be trusted to mean our marriage vows? Chances are the marriage is only a scam to use sex for some material end such as a nice house or money just like a prostitute uses sex to make money. The Catholic doctrine that sex in marriage should be more about having children than about love makes it plain that this is prostitution. A woman who has sex mainly for a child is as much of a prostitute as one looking for money – no more for a child will make her feel better than money will. It is unmistakeable that it is the woman who is most degraded by marriage. I do not intend to be insulting to women who go with men purely so that they will have a good strong child – their prostitution is laudable.

People marry for better or for worse. The for worse part implies that they will be bound by one sex act to consume the marriage to suffer it to the bitter end if it turns out bad. Since when prostituting for money and happiness be worse than prostituting for possible sadness?

You don't feel about a lightning strike the same way as you feel when a person hurts you. The anger and hatred if they happen feel personal. Marriage is a declaration that a man and woman will love each other but hate one another's sins for life. But this is impossible. You cannot hate a person's sins like they were things. You feel personal when a person hurts you but you don't feel that way if a robot hurts you. You hate the person even if you love them at the one time. Marriage is based on a lie. It is paying homage to Christian hypocrisy. Marriage is a lie. The Church says you must give your whole heart to a person in sex in marriage. Yet its hypocritical doctrine makes this impossible - hating the sin is hating the sinner. The husband hates his wife in so far as he hates her sins and vice versa.
The facts about marriage make the Church’s condemnations of fornication, sex outside marriage, all the more reprehensible. In the case of homosexuals, it amounts to incitement to hatred against them.
Marriage should be phased out for the illogical nonsense that it is.

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