The Olympic Park Bomber, A Case of a Good Man Ruined by Religion

Eric Rudolph bombed homosexual venues and abortion services premises in the name of faith.

He planted the bomb at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta in 1996.

He stated that he had no real involvement with the Christian Identity movement.

What he said was, "I was born a Catholic, and with forgiveness I hope to die one."

He cited the Bible in favour of his warlike attitude to defending religion and morals. He said faith motivated his belief that he should kill to try to stop abortion. He is definitely right that if enough people attacked abortion clinics like he did abortion would diminish. He sees that as saving innocent lives. The media sadly lied about him and called him a Christian Identity Extremist which destroyed the clarity. The clear truth is this was not what was driving him. The Church gave him his placebo - "God has pardoned you". If there is no pardon then this amounts to, "What he did ceases to matter to us if he says he repents and we don't care if he is really forgiven or not." That is pure hypocrisy on the part of the Church. You can use repentance as an excuse for condoning and rewarding what the person did. In the absence of proof of forgiveness being appropriate or having happened this is a serious matter. Innocent until proven guilty is strange if you don't affirm, "Forgiven when proven to have changed and to have got a power from a higher being who helps him stay changed."

Rudolph, "Many good people continue to send me money and books. Most of them have, of course, an agenda; mostly born-again Christians looking to save my soul. I suppose the assumption is made that because I'm in here I must be a 'sinner' in need of salvation, and they would be glad to sell me a ticket to heaven. I do appreciate their charity, but I could really do without the condescension. They have been so nice I would hate to break it to them that I really prefer Nietzsche to the Bible."

He shows complete confidence in what he has done in the name of faith. He praises those who judge him as a sinner such is his devotion to Christianity. His reference to Nietzsche is a joke. 
He offers his imprisonment as a sacrifice to God, “As I go to a prison cell for a lifetime, I know that ‘I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith’”.

Whoever tries to dismiss this is just refusing to admit that a religious affiliation and faith can lead to murder. In an evil world, we have to admit that some people will see extremist measures as necessary.  Extremist doctrine that sees early abortion as the murder of an innocent leads to extremist reactions.

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