The Bible claims to be the word of God. Believers who water that down end up wanting you to follow THEIR word! Don't be fooled by that.

Regarding allegations that the Bible does not condemn committed same gender sexual relationships, erasure of LGBTQ sexual love is extremely harmful and shameful. It does not validate them either. It does not celebrate two people uniting in love in the highest way in bed. Even if it did that would be controlling as we do not need its approval, nobody should. It’s not possible for a controlling book to make safety and guarantee it.
It is disgraceful how some argue that the Bible God and Jesus would not be homophobic when there are clear teachings like the following that hate and harm. Here is a text from Leviticus that invites and demands hate against sex workers some of whom had to be gay. It’s about who a priest can wed. It goes, A widow, or a divorced woman, or a woman who has been defiled, a prostitute, these he shall not marry. He shall marry a virgin of his own kin, that he may not profane his offspring among his kin, for I am the Lord and I make him holy. The text says it’s an insult to the priest’s family and to the holiness God invests him with.

Abortion, trans healthcare, the right to die, these things need to be based on how there is no reward or divine validation that makes living Church teaching worth it. We are not looked after by a designing God. So take control and design yourself and your life yourself. This is not despair but self-affirming action. Reality is not about us and if you say God is real then that sort of makes him real. It has the same impact as reality does which hits you hard when you defy it. Belief in God is an interference and leads to further interference with others. You will suffer interference from believers. Its fruits include the hatred of women as in forcing them to give birth. And include thinking you have the right to not affirm a child whose suffering tells them to urgently change their bodies to become who they are.

Erasure is about dehumanising and has real consequences. LGBTQ who support the church in any form must admit their role in it.

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