A right is a benefit to which you are justly entitled even if you are not free and capable of deserving the benefit because you are too young or mentally ill. Rights are based on basic needs. They cannot be based on anything else. People only have a right to what gives them a decent life. Surplus money should be forcibly taken from the wealthy by the law for the benefit of the underprivileged.

Rights are not based on desires. Desires are too changeable and we can want what we should not have. Rights presuppose the supreme value of the person for a worthless article can’t have rights. The biggest right comes first when you cannot have them all. The most basic human right is the right to life.

When we don’t have free will we have a right to be totally happy.

We don’t have a right to have a child for you don’t need to have one. But if the population got too low you would have the duty and therefore the right to have a child.

There is no real problem in determining what the rights of the person are. The difficulties are in deciding what is ethical for ethics entails putting higher rights first and what rights come first is disputed for there are many complicated and different situations.
We only feel jealous and envious when we see the other person as being our equal and feel we should have the good things she or he has or that we think she or he has. That could be why equal rights people are often so hostile and are in the grip of a rabid sense of entitlement.
The problem with equality is that working for it is difficult and definitely impossible so making all feel they should be equal is going to lead to division and rancour. Trying to make a company fair and inclusive is a problem if you don't have enough of group x to fill a quota. You may have to turn away some of the best brains. And what one person wants from equality differs from the next. Remember how many LGBT are against same sex marriage. The problems then are bad anyway but saying we are all equal in God and because God has made us equal only makes it worse. Each person is a vulnerable person and no matter how strong you are nature is cold and stronger. The person who feels all are equal and who has won their version of equality can feel more secure than they are and from that place of security can end up attacking others who are falsely seen as strong as them. Equality blinds you to the damage you do.
Some argue that if you focus on equality in the eyes of human beings not God then that is dangerous because human nature always gives out special treatment to certain groups and is bad at seeing inequality. And it is dangerous to rest equality on fallible human judgement anyway. It can be mistaken, abused and may lead to groups thinking they should be more equal than others for equality is just based on whoever shouts the loudest and who the government favours. Society can be driven apart by fears about equality if it is only based on what people think.

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