St Elizabeth of Hungary tended a woman in her hospice. The woman refused to go to confession so Elizabeth gave her a beating (page 24, The Dark Box).

Her confessor was the notorious Conrad of Marburg who believed that suffering for its own sake was the only way to salvation. He encouraged Elizabeth's gruesome self-mortifications.

The above account shows that Jesus and Mary were just as bad as he was. If her visions of Jesus and Mary were real what does that say about them? There is plenty of material that could be used as evidence that Jesus and Mary really are the demons the Jews said they are.

It is interesting that during an apparition of Mary, Elizabeth was told to love her friends and hate her enemy who were are told is Satan and sin. Presumably Satan's demonic armies are to be hated as well. Mary said she kept those commandments.

How could people who harbour vindictive wishes against anybody call themselves saints? Mary even goes as far as to say that you cannot love unless you hate Satan and sin. The problem with hate is not who is hated but that you are becoming like the hateful person. It is a short step from hating Satan to hating the girl next door who makes you tempted to commit sexual sin with her.

Wanting to hurt another person for the sake of hurting is irrational. Hate necessarily goes out of control and is triggering the irrational. It is taking the risk.

Jesus tells Elizabeth that if he didn't leave her weak enough to sin every day, that she would end up worse than the devils. This is extremely cynical and is it rational to imagine that being perfect makes you worse than the devils? Mary told Elizabeth that she never ever sinned - a reference to the Immaculate Conception. This doctrine teaches that from her conception, Mary never ever sinned. So Mary must be worse then the devil then!

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