The selfish side of seeking belief in miracles and we need to see that the witness wants an ego boost too much

One example of a selfish prejudice is how the believers in religion say we should assume the best about everybody unless there is sufficient reason to do otherwise and they would not believe a miracle report from a stranger which seems to call people to enter a different religion from theirs. But they easily believe the miracle tales produced by their own religion. But that is obviously unfair. You end up being a dishonest person who only believes the miracles that suits you. They won't admit that acceptance of the reality of miracles logically creates a precarious slippery slope for you should believe all miracles if you should believe any.
If people report miracles that is not going to do us any good. There is no such thing as the kind of miracle where a serial killer changes overnight and goes to the poorest part of Africa and single handedly without eating and sleeping tends a million babies in a month saving their lives. This stamina and strength would be miraculous. Instead we get rubbish like wafers turning into flesh and healings done to back up some sectarian or doctrinal point that has little or no direct relevance. Any relevance or inspiration it has, has to be imposed on it. If a stupid miracle happens and I have to rationalise how that is going to make the believer a kinder and better person, that is actually indecent. Rationalising is trying to deceive yourself and others and to stop them seeing that something is nonsense when it plainly is.
Also, you already know what kindness and a good person is so why would you need to see a miracle as teaching you lessons about kindness and goodness? A miracle will not happen to teach people what they know. No decent God will have you trying to impose moral lessons on miracles - that makes your wishes and interpretation the message. The miracle is not the message.
Miracles are signs of religious egoism at best - though as we have seen they are really signs of egotism. They encourage it. Religion has its share of people who imagine they believe but if they thought about they would realise that they do not. It has its share of people who like the escapism involved in religious practices and the sense of community and who do not believe a word of the actual doctrine itself. It is therefore stupid to argue say, "Christianity is good in itself because x is such a wonderful Christian."
So we can assume that those who believe in miracles are really carried away by their desire to believe in miracles. They cannot be taken seriously as disciples of truth.

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