Prayer ideology encourages you to feel God is guiding you by some means if you open up to him. It is well known that people are inspired by their own ego and calling it God’s presence and guidance. Religion offers ways to make sure what light you get is from God and not your ego which wants to be your god. The criteria is pathetic. It goes that if something makes you a blessing for others then it is from God. This is very circular and is about what you want to think not what you should think.  And that is rich when religion says true prayer keeps the ego out. If you pray to help another and you feel empowered to help and it works wonderfully the good results do not mean that it came from the prayer. If you pray for John to be safe and he dies in a car crash you don't say your prayer was answered for now he is safe in Heaven.  You show what you really think of prayer by refusing to say that it was an answer to prayer or that you had anything to do with it.  You know that if you pray for something and it happens that it is not necessarily a result or down to your prayer.

You pray and good happens.  Well, just because something is right it does not mean it didn’t come from your ego. A maths teacher teaches what is right but can enjoy being right so it is about his ego. In cases like that there is no real way to tell God and ego apart.

Answered prayer seems impossible for God we are told will do nothing to make you more arrogant.  But as we have seen you need an ego to argue in circles and lie to yourself and by extension others.

The Church says that though God and good are effectively the same thing good is really a symbol of their personal loving God. God is not a symbol of good.

Prayer is based on God belief or strives towards it.  It at least assumes God may be there.  Belief is a spectrum of complete to slight.  God belief is not God. So even if God is good your belief in him could still cause problems. Nothing human is all-good or perfect. Your belief perhaps blinds you to evil and blurs. Religion may say God gives you belief but it does not say that it is infallible or all of God. You colour it. You have a prism that you look at God and life and the world and morality through. The danger here is you can only guess what is revelation and what is from yourself. In any case, if there is evil in an eye, you have dirt in your own eye which means you are going to find it hard to get it out of the other eye. In fact you will put evil in it by injuring it. Not seeing evil stops diagnosis and possible treatment. It is the ultimate unnecessary evil.

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