Catholicism teaches the doctrine of double effect. This is the idea that if you are forced to pick one of two or more evils you are not to blame for the evils if you choose the most moral option. 

As God said killing the innocent is a sin, what do you do if somebody is in terrible agony at the end of their life?  The Church says they can get life shortening painkillers and this is not murder for you are forced to deal with the pain and death is an unintended effect.  Direct killing is a sin.  Unintended ending of life is not.  That is an example of double effect at work.

With ectopic pregnancy today, the baby to be can be extracted without taking the tube away. Catholicism says this is abortion and is a sin. It is not a sin if you take away the tube to save the mother with the baby in it. So you are meant to leave it. Or you can hope the baby cannot be taken out without the tube being removed. Catholicism wants the tube and the baby taken away! Get what that is saying? It is attacking women’s health and bodies. What if such pregnancies in the future were super-common?  To think it is okay if one woman is killed by her faith is a disgrace.  You cannot weigh her life like that.  It is not a number game.

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