One day persons will not carry their babies but a machine will do it for them.  Artificial womb technology is now being studied.

What happens if the person does not want to go ahead with parenthood and wants the baby terminated?

As it is not in a pregnant person's body, it follows that both parents may have the right to choose.  But is there a right to abort it?  If it is not a person then yes.

What if it is viable?  Do you keep it alive and hand it up for adoption?

What if it has terrible abnormalities?

Is it to be considered born if it started off in the uterus and then transferred?

Religion says the woman's uterus is not for her but for her baby so "my body my choice does not apply here."  The artificial womb is not for the woman but for the baby. 

One difference is that saying the uterus is for the baby assumes something has the right to tell you how the uterus should be used.  There is no God to have that right.  The woman then has the right to own her uterus the same way you have the right to own money that somebody lost and never reclaimed in a 24 hour time frame.  Humans made the artificial womb for the baby so humans have the right to take back ownership of it.  Nothing has the right to just appear and take over anything so the right to terminate the baby remains as long as it cannot live on its own without the natural or artificial womb.

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