Many found the cheering of the YES side at Dublin Castle distasteful when the YES victory was announced.  I didn't find the cheering bad at all. Women have a legal right to an abortion but what about their social right? Women suffer from bigots who think women who have abortions are murderers. The yes vote has won but women are still being demonised by social pressure if they want an abortion or need one. It is high time a law was brought in to protect women from hate speech. The right of a woman to her reputation matters not the opinion of a person who thinks she killed or tortured her unborn baby. It's a conflict of rights with freedom of speech but it is plain her right not to be harassed or put in a cold house is what matters.  The reality is that a person who thinks a woman should be free to have an abortion in a time of crisis is talking nonsense.  Ideally a woman should be able to choose without pressure and there is a risk that a woman feeling pressured by life to "choose" abortion is going to regret it.  It needs to be a well-thought out choice for many.

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