Representing a religion that hates and rivals God and which looks good, the Whore of Babylon appears in the Book of Revelation.  The book looks like it was written when Catholic ideas started to appear.  Many are shocked at how well it matches the history of the Roman Catholic faith.  The Whore is believed to mean something run from Rome.  The detail given is saying something.  Everybody knew pagan Rome was bad so did the author of Revelation need to go into all that detail over it?  No.  But he didn't mean pagan Rome.  His warning is future orientated.

The whore sits upon many waters (Rev 17:1-5)- baptism in water is necessary to become Catholic. The Catholic Church sits on the waters of baptism. The many waters indicates all the waters on earth. This indicates that the whore is everywhere. Everywhere is her throne. All the water on earth is the baptismal water. This matches the Catholic Church's claim to be universal or Catholic - that the Church belongs to all nations and is all over the world.
The whore rode on a scarlet beast that was covered in blasphemous titles (Revelation 7:3). The Roman Catholic Church has been famous for blasphemy, making the saints better than God, worshipping bread as Jesus, calling the pope the Holy Father, infallible, and His Holiness and so on. The scarlet is probably for blood. Rome has spilled plenty of that. And despite the reputation Islam has for being thirsty for war against heretics and unbelievers the fact remains that Roman Catholicism alone of the biggest world faiths has statements calling for such murdering in its infallible statements. You can find these calls to war and violence on the ETWN website. Papal tradition and the whole Church approved of torture and the killing of heretics and modern Rome still teaches that whatever papal tradition says is infallible.

Lateran IV, 1215 AD, an infallible council of the Church stated:

We excommunicate and anathematize every heresy raising itself up against this holy, orthodox and catholic faith which we have expounded above. We condemn all heretics, whatever names they may go under. They have different faces indeed but their tails are tied together inasmuch as they are alike in their pride. Let those condemned be handed over to the secular authorities present, or to their bailiffs, for due punishment. Clerics are first to be degraded from their orders. The goods of the condemned are to be confiscated, if they are lay persons, and if clerics they are to be applied to the churches from which they received their stipends. Those who are only found suspect of heresy are to be struck with the sword of anathema, unless they prove their innocence by an appropriate purgation, having regard to the reasons for suspicion and the character of the person. Let such persons be avoided by all until they have made adequate satisfaction. If they persist in the excommunication for a year, they are to be condemned as heretics. Let secular authorities, whatever offices they may be discharging, be advised and urged and if necessary be compelled by ecclesiastical censure, if they wish to be reputed and held to be faithful, to take publicly an oath for the defence of the faith to the effect that they will seek, in so far as they can, to expel from the lands subject to their jurisdiction all heretics designated by the church in good faith. Thus whenever anyone is promoted to spiritual or temporal authority, he shall be obliged to confirm this article with an oath. If however a temporal lord, required and instructed by the church, neglects to cleanse his territory of this heretical filth, he shall be bound with the bond of excommunication by the metropolitan and other bishops of the province. If he refuses to give satisfaction within a year, this shall be reported to the supreme pontiff so that he may then declare his vassals absolved from their fealty to him and make the land available for occupation by Catholics so that these may, after they have expelled the heretics, possess it unopposed and preserve it in the purity of the faith — saving the right of the suzerain provided that he makes no difficulty in the matter and puts no impediment in the way. The same law is to be observed no less as regards those who do not have a suzerain.
The whore carries a gold chalice.
The chalice is a major emblem in the Church. For most its history the Church has required that chalices should if possible be gilded with gold in the inside. So the Mass is being designated as a tool of the whore.
Catholics say this cannot be correct because it was said that God gave her the chalice of the wine of his wrath (Revelation 16:19). This was a different chalice for the next chapter says she is enjoying herself with a cup and she is drunk on the blood of the people of God.
It is blood she has in the chalice for we are told a few verses later that she is drunk on blood. The whore is blamed for all the murders of prophets and presumably Jesus himself – she is the manifestation of the occult power that was behind this evil so her coming centuries after the death of a prophet doesn’t mean she was innocent of his death. So she has a chalice of Jesus’ blood! The Church says that the blood of Jesus in the Mass is linked to the blood of the saints for Jesus and the Church are like one body with Jesus as the head and the members of the Church like his limbs and parts. Paul taught that we are parts of the body of Christ. The whore then in a sense, when she drinks the chalice, drinks the blood of all the saints of God. She gets drunk because the chalice contains the blood in the form of wine.
The Church used to kill Christians who refused to partake of her communion as she took that refusal as proof that they did not believe the communion was Jesus in the form of bread and wine.
The whore is drunk with the blood of the saints. The Roman Church killed more believers in Jesus than any other organisation even the Roman Empire.

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