The ravages of drink are only too well known. If alcoholic drink did not exist the world would be a better place. Many broken families would still be together. Many people who were killed by drunken drivers would still be alive. People who steal to get drink and who are alcoholics would not be suffering. Nobody would commit suicide because of it.

The Bible says that God made wine to make us happy. No matter what some say this was not just unfermented grape juice. Nobody says that unfermented wine makes them joyful. "Give strong drink to him who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress; let them drink and forget their poverty, and remember their misery no more" (Proverbs  31:6-7).   Jesus allegedly provided good wine at a wedding in Cana in the late half of the evening when the guests were in such a state that they would not have noticed if they had got bad wine. Jesus was a heavy drinker. He said that he was called a drunkard and there is no reason to doubt that he lived up to his reputation.

The reason the Bible approves of drink though it warns that abusers of drink are committing sin is that it has to teach that God made it possible and enjoyable and gave it to us. He had no need to do so and he did and if he is good it is good. So even if drink is evil we are to pretend that it is good if we believe in God.

Drink is an unnecessary evil. There are other ways to be happy. If it is true that joy is to be found in doing the will of God then drink is evil for it is at least a part-substitute for that. You should be finding joy by doing good. When it can be abused and it is inevitable that it will be abused then it is wrong of God to give it. It is giving the world something extra to sin over. Religion says that sin is the worst evil. It is a worse evil than alcohol being no longer available. So if alcohol causes even one sin then it should not exist. But religion would believe that the sins over drink are as many as the atoms of the stars in the sky. If alcohol exists then sin is not the worse evil and if sin is not the worst evil then there is no all-good God and if there is no all-good God there is no God at all. A being who is not all-good is not all-free and he would have to be free and supreme to be divine.

Some would object that we have sticks and should have them for we need them even though they can be used to kill. But sticks are needed and drink is not. There would be more deaths without sticks than with them. If drink can help some medical conditions that does not mean that it ought to be, only that something that cannot intoxicate you should have been made by God instead.

One can say that fire should not exist or it should not be necessary. Bugs in the ground should deal with rubbish and we should have sufficient warm air without fire. Fire has been used to destroy millions. God made fire and alcohol to ruin lives and to maximise evil. It is fitting that both should be emblems of the devil. But you can be careful with fire and keep it harmless but alcohol has to trap some people. So maybe we should have fire after all.

God represents the view that it is better to be free and suffer than to be unfree and happy. He has to allow evil for the sake of his creature’s freedom.

To permit drink is to deny the free will defence for drink takes free will away. It forces you to do stupid things. If God wants you to lose your freedom then he wants to make yourself unable to choose if you will follow him or not. You are rendered unable to do genuine good in the sense of voluntary good. Moderate drinking makes you either more or less free. If God permits it then it must be a duty to drink all the time for it makes you more free then. Refusing would be churlishly refusing God’s gift of reduced free will! Religion says it is more important for us to be free than for us to be happy which is why God gave us free will even though it could result in incredible evil. Since in religion, freedom comes before happiness it follows that the possibility of finishing up as alcoholics should not put us off. Alcoholism is not a sin for you are forced to drink.

Some would reply that you are forced to be an alcoholic but you are not forced to sip from the glass. So, it is a sin to drink but not a sin to be an alcoholic. This is true some of the time for the alcoholic can be unable to resist the drink any longer.

Human life is an absolute value for if humans should be happy then humans are more important than happiness. The way God has made this world suggests otherwise. If life were so important he would not have made unnecessary killers like drink and tobacco. And if human life is that valuable then he is evil for letting death happen. People could just disappear down a hole or something instead to get them out of this world. If human life is not absolutely important there is no morality. Utilitarianism, the greatest happiness of the greatest number, would have to take the place of morality but if God exists then he made us to sacrifice and not to be happy. Either way the existence of a good God or mostly good gods in Heaven is refuted.

Drink heroin and others drugs and maybe fire refute the existence of God. Cursed be the wickedness of the Bible for allowing drink along with belief in God.

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