doublethink is the true foundation of religion and the framework of spirituality

A person may be neutral in their beliefs. That is, they see as much reason to believe something as not to believe it. They both believe it and not believe it.

A person may be a hypocrite and do and say what contradicts what they really believe.

The notorious human trait of believing in your religion when you are at worship and disbelieving it when you are out the Church door is seemingly almost universal. Philosophers can deny free will in class and in their books but in ordinary life they treat people as free.

None of these are doublethink.

A person is doing a doublethink if he or she believes something and its opposite at the same time - while not noticing that there is a contradiction. An example, is how the Catholic may say the pope makes no errors and yet contradict the pope.

People may lie that they doublethink. People may hide their hypocrisy by claiming that it was not hypocrisy but doublethink. Some people believe in x and feel that x is false. They may think they doublethink and lead others to think it. But feeling something is not thinking or believing it so they are wrong. 

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