Agnosticism is atheism where virtually all versions of Gods or God are concerned and doubts about one or two versions

The agnostic claims to be neither atheist or believer in God.

Agnosticism must be careful that it does not smuggle in a particular version of God to be agnostic about. If I am not sure if the Christian three persons in one God exists then I am asserting that it should be that view or atheism but I don't know which. I have a hidden assumption brought in. That is agnosticism towards one version of God.
An agnostic often has a view of what God should be and doubts that. He does not doubt the other versions of God out there. He is an atheist as far as they are concerned. If one version is just as good and bad as another then he perhaps should just become atheist.
Agnosticism has more supporters than atheism. Most of the people who go to Church are agnostics and do not realise it! They may feel there is a God but feeling is not belief. Religion knows how common such mistakes are and yet it boasts about the number of believers in opinion polls. Sneaky. Their game is to get more believers by making them biased towards accepting the teaching of the Church for people are influenced by what they see others doing and they like to have a sense of belonging and of being one of the gang.
It has been observed that the doctrine of God as spelled out by Christian and Muslim philosophy says that God is nothing like anything we can imagine is a near-agnostic principle (page 140, GOD A GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED Keith Ward, OneWorld, Oxford, 2003). It is true that Christians and Muslims say there is a lot about God that cannot be known but as they say they know enough they are not agnostics.  Or are they?  Do they really know?

Belief that demands you commit to a God or someone is prone to becoming an end in itself. Because knowing what you believe about God does not amount to knowing God there cannot be anybody who is not an idolator. Faith is the idol. Belief that if you decide there is a God then you should believe x and y and z about him is sort of idolatry too.  Any belief can become your real God while it looks like you really care about God as a personal being.  You can be sure you are about God and still be wrong.  Belief is not God.  Belief is your creation.  To abuse belief makes you an agnostic perhaps.  If you put belief about God in the place of God you are treating God as unknown to you.

Agnosticism is best seen as not being about God directly but, "Naturalism is the notion that there is no magic or supernatural but I don't know if it is true or not." That covers it all.

There are many different Gods in the minds of the people. If there is a real God, the fact remains that the rest of those Gods do not exist. The agnostic doubts or cannot make up her mind about one or two versions of God and is an atheist when it comes to the other versions.

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