They say,

I don't approve of what gays do but they must make up their own minds. I believe in live and let live.

I have gay friends but I don't want to think about what they do in bed.

I don't like it but it is the gays own business.

Gay people might get punished mildly.

We help people even if we feel they have contributed to their own suffering.

There is no need for a saviour.

Id help a gay couple to stay together. How I feel about it does not matter.

I dislike gay people but not a lot.

Anybody who hurts gay people is to be pitied just as you would pity the gay people who are hurt.

Nobody is all bad. Bad is only a little bit of them.

I don't approve of homosexuality but I don't think it is a major sin.

We disapprove of homosexuality for we feel something negative towards the practicing homosexual. We feel that this is nature telling us that it is wrong.

Homosexuality like all activities has its risks. We feel gay people would be better off if they were celibate.

We do not judge gay people but we offer them help to see that what they are doing is wrong.

We do not like homosexuality but we prefer to say little about this.

We cannot say how bad a gay person intends to be. But we can condemn their actions.

We have the right to teach children in our schools that to have a gay sexual relationship is a sin. Religious schools must be set up because most taxpayers are religious.

We do not approve of homosexuality and we reject the notion that we dislike it because there is something gay in ourselves that we do not like.

Disapproving of murder does not mean we want to murder.

We do not approve of gay people but if they get marriage rights we will not oppose that.


Gay people are vile and deserve to be beaten up

Don't make friends with gay people

We hate the evil perversion of homosexuality with all hearts. We just do.

We hurt gay people but even we wouldn't put them in Hell forever.

I don't care if the gays die or not when we beat them up.

Gay people must pay for their sin.

Hope there are no happy gay couples as it's a bad example for children and the impressionable.

We are better than the gay people we abuse. We are only servants of rough justice.

We just cannot stand that pestilence of homosexuality - we cannot help ourselves.

Gay people know fine well they are bad. It's so unnatural and it's to be expected that the sin will upset others.  The sin hurts society.

We need no proof that homosexuality is bad. It's obvious.

All queers are perverts and are bad news.

Hate is a fact of life. We all do it.

There is no point in hoping a gay person will become good . They deserve the violence they get.

We hurt gay people to show the extent of our disapproval.

If there is a God he is on our side. He gave us the feelings that incline us to try and rid the world of homosexuality.

Gay people do not really love one another and thus are not entitled to the right of gay marriage.

We feel bullied by gay people who insist we hate gays because we are secretly gay ourselves.

Gays and lesbian couples are freaks and their love and relationships are laughable.

COMMENT: Underhanded abuse can be as damaging as shameless open abuse.  It is harder to identify.  There are so many ways to hate gays including mild and more obvious ways.  Anything that encourages or allows homophobia must be called out.  The fact that there is no clear affirmation of gay sexual love in the Bible or any Holy Book is making a place for abuse.  Making the place is worse than direct endorsement of abuse.

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