The Importance of Keeping a Diary

At the end of every day, list as many things you can that you did during the day that helped other people and animals. You may use a diary. Nobody can gain self-esteem from any exercise or affirmations unless they do things that prove to themselves that they are indeed wonderful and special. That is why remembering the good you have done and making a list is so important. Your self-esteem gets better and better and so you are able to make others happier too.
Write down as many things as you can that you are grateful for every day. This will help please your heart with gratitude and make life so much easier. Feelings of gratitude attract more feelings of gratitude. If you feel enough gratitude you will never want anything for you have all you want.
Do this rather than any silly thing such as examination of conscience or so on. The good you do is more important than the not so good. And there is something to be thankful for in all that is not so good.

Having a diary affirms that your life to you is an important adventure and that it is so special that you have to record it. When you have a good day, it will feel more special if you write about it in good detail. You know then that you will always, with the help of your diary, be able to look back on it. This is not to advocate nostalgia. No. It is to keep tapping into the past to bring greater enjoyment to your present life.
Even when you pass by a stranger in the street, that is a good work. You have not disturbed or annoyed that person in any way which is a good work in itself. Remember that if you choose to list the good works you have done by doing something remember that you have done far more good works by not doing anything. Keep this awareness in your mind.
Everybody will find it helpful if they keep a diary to record the good works and kindnesses. Try recording kindnesses you have done and received. And record the snippets of wisdom that come with daily life. Look over it if you find yourself resenting somebody and maybe you will read something about them that will change how you feel. We forgive and we bury the axe. But too often we mark the place where it is laid. We mark these things so easily. We need the diary to help us make shrines for every precious moment in which somebody reached out and offered us love and in which we reached out and offered love too.

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