DEPRESSION can be prolonged and even caused by God belief

Feeling sad or down is not the same as feeling depressed. Depression is the experience of worthless existence. You feel you are worthless and your relationships are worthless. For the Church to say this suffering should exist or be allowed by God is a cruel disgrace. Nothing ever justifies leaving a person experiencing their existence – the most important thing of all- as worthless. If God would let a person suffer like that then God is evil and the Church is evil for defending him. There can be no good if existence is worthless or if a good God can let people suffer and feel as if their existence is useless. It is not justified even for a second. Suffering should exist to make us better people assuming it should exist at all. But depression does nobody any good. To say that the depressed person causes good in the sense that he or she has others who look after him is scandalous. A message like that will only make the depression harder to cure. A person exists for their own sake not just so that others can be good to her or him. If the depressed person gets better and they help people better then to tell them that the depression was worth it is totally evil. It is like feeling nothing when a parent dies on the grounds that evil is worth it for God needs it for some brilliant purpose. Godism is for psychopaths.
When you suffer from depression the Church coming along to tell you that God loves you and that that should comfort you or help you at least a bit makes you feel worse not better for depression cannot be helped that way. The depressed person feels more worthless at the thought that even God’s love does nothing to make her or him feel better and it should. It adds the burden of guilt. The guilt is bad enough for a depressed person who is unable to feel loved by his or her loved ones and unable to feel love for them in return. But it is worse if the person believes that God is the best being and the most loving being in existence. God is a dire belief.

God by definition is that which alone is needed.  Religion says that relationships with others are about God meaning they are just the way God needs you to need him.  The unavoidable danger with saying that people need God is that if they get depressed you will say they could be perceptive not depressed. You could say they have an appropriate response to a universe and life without any divine purpose, a life without God. A Christian who argues that God made us for himself would have to think that. The depressed person will be told that here is no point in hope if there is no God and if God is not believed in.

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