Depression, self-centredness and selfishness
Mental health professionals claim that depressed people are self-centred. But they deny this is the same as saying they are selfish.
The difference is that the depressed have feelings that continually or too frequently make them focus on themselves too much while the selfish person is not made to be selfish but makes himself or herself selfish. So the selfish person chooses to be selfish. The self-centred depressed person is just under so much pressure that they are self-absorbed because of it.
If it is true that we do not have free will, clearly then it is wrong and judgemental to suspect that anybody is selfish. Self-centred yes, selfish no.


If somebody suffers from depression it is important to simply listen and avoid giving advice. Just simply ask if they need anything from you. It is important to avoid judging for each sufferer judges herself or himself anyway and very harshly and more harshly than you ever will.

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