Determinism has the power to make people live in decency as no other doctrine about the will can. It tells us to love our enemies and to pity the wrongdoer. When people feel that others condemn them for doing wrong it makes them fearful and fear is the motive that lies behind all evil. Determinism gives us hope of making people reform but free will does not for it says there is nothing we can do if a person wants to be bad. With determinism you cannot fear being hated or despised for you know it is forces inside your enemies that are against you and not them. They are the puppets of the forces.
Anger against a person would certainly be incompatible with belief in determinism. But it is not a useful emotion then anyway. When it is evil you are mad at you need to be aware of that in case you take it out on the person. Those anger spurs into action are really weak when they cannot help the world without it. They are helping because of a feeling and not because it is right.

The holy end their anger and guilt by praying for mercy so if they can work against anger and guilt and survive, where appropriate, so can we determinists. It is actually better for determinists to heal themselves of these things and make it up with the people they dislike and hate to cause themselves to live better in the future than for a free willist to go to confession and get what they falsely call healing by a mere rite.

If you deny free will then logically you should not get angry with people as people though there will still be things to madden you, and you should not feel guilty and you should not be hating people as people. That will be the only difference between you and a typical believer in free will. There are believers in free will who are easygoing and who hate nobody and who know their own goodness too well to wallow or feel guilty. When they can do it nobody should be saying that because many feel angry, guilty or vengeful despite denying free will that that can stand as an argument for free will. It cannot. People who say that are saying that we ought to feel guilty and angry and vengeful for if we don’t we are undermining the evidence for free will. Do you see the vicious idolatry that underlines the doctrine of free will?

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