Dawkins and the Origin of Life

Richard Dawkins programmed his computer to randomly change one letter or one space at a time. The goal was for the system to generate the Hamlet line: "Methinks it is like a weasel". The system was to keep a record of the process in creating that line. In only forty-three generations, the line was produced. Dawkins then said he proved that the forces of chance can do something like this. Because of that, he concluded that nature could have given rise to such complex forms of life as we see around us and given rise to DNA in a similar way (page 90, Is God a Human Invention?).
The Christians object that the system needed an intelligence like that envisaged by Dawkins to set the goal in the first place!
The Christians claim that even if the process works in nature through chance, the goal is set by some intelligence. They think then that God is using the forces of chance to make life. They think life cannot exist unless God set the forces of chance to produce it.
What kind of intelligence would use a complex method that manipulates chance to produce the line instead of simply making the line? If it controls chance then chance is not chance at all!
To say chance does not exist is to say that fatalism is true! That would be a dangerous stance to take!
The process has to produce many results. Dawkins did not set the process to pick that line from Hamlet. He only watched out for that line appearing.
The Christians have brought goals into it when there is no specific goal. They are tricksters. 

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