Response to "good Catholic" Daniel O Donnell asking for a yes vote in Ireland's Same Sex Marriage Referendum

The Church is telling the truth that Jesus was against gay relationships never mind marriage. Jesus did not repudiate the commands his God gave demanding that homosexuals be stoned to death but proclaimed the book that made these rules the infallible word of God. If he did away with such laws, he did not clearly say so. Even if he did change the law, he did not say it was wrong before. Such laws need to be explicitly rejected and he didn't do that. Honoring the Bible is implicit homophobia. Even if same sex marriage is not wrong in itself, God can ban it for one of his strange purposes. The point I wish to make is that people must see that if same sex marriage is not allowed then this is discrimination and that means that the Church is discriminating by not allowing or facilitating it. The Church will have to allow it or lose its members. I am voting yes because yes is not only a vote for same sex marriage but a vote for running this country sensibly instead of worrying about what Jesus or any religious figure who claims to be speaking for God says. Religious leaders cannot claim to be God for they will be laughed at so they do the next best thing - they say God knows best and we don't so he appointed men to speak for him and deliver his revelations to the sheep.

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