The Danger of Seeing Miracles Anywhere and Everywhere

Christianity claims today that the most effective way to turn people off believing in miracles is to hold that they happen as a daily occurrence in your life. Some disturbed Pentecostals do just that. God even supposedly even sorts out the parking space for them. He provides soft toilet paper for them too!

What is the danger? The danger can only be that they see miracles where there are no miracles. They also think that God sets the universe up to suit them. Not much humility there.

Pentecostals are supposedly good honest people. Strange that their hourly miracle tales are met with scepticism by other Christians - the ones who say we should believe in miracles when honest people testify to them. It is a case of, "I don't care about how good a testimony is or how reliable. All that matters is what I want to believe. I pay lip service to evidence."

If God does miracles, they are exceptions to the way nature usually works. If they happen at all, Christians have no reason to say they rarely happen. They lay down the welcome mat to fanatics.

The more miracles you believe in the less confidence you can have in the senses and in natural law. A religion like Pentecostalism or a person be it Christ or a Blessed Virgin vision that says that miracles happen a lot all stop you from saying that you can be sure that if you met John today that it really was John and not a miracle trick. It is certain that belief in a lot of miracles and in a God who uses them discreetly to answer prayer all the time undermines all evidence and without evidence there can be no belief even in miracles! Too many miracles prevent you psychologically and sincerely believing in miracles as manifestations of the power and love of God too!  The miracle fanatic soon starts taking this alleged love for granted.

Too many miracles would mean that most if not all of the miracles are silly.

If silly miracles happen and are common that would mean that anything could be a silly miracle. Perhaps the coffee you had this morning was really whisky that your senses were fooled into taking for coffee. But at the same time we could only believe that we have been deceived by a miracle if we have reason to believe that. A murderer who says a demon pretending to be him killed the person is giving evidence but we know people would say such things if silly miracles were accepted so that overrides the evidence. We need more than that. The evil thing about silly miracles is that they reduce our trust in our environment. We would be a lot more sure of things if these events never happened.

Sceptics get a lot of criticism from religion just for being sceptical. Miracle believers are themselves sceptics towards those who think that miracles happen to them forty times a day. They abhor the dangers and fanaticism.

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