Catholicism teaches that if you sin gravely and die without seeking God's mercy you will spend eternity in the worst possible condition, Hell!

The Catholic book, Ecumenical Jihad says that gay people usually are the ones who reject this love sinner but hate sin stuff. It says they are identifying their sin with all of their personality. In other words, they are saying there is no distinction between their sin and their entire selves (page 45). There is real rancour in the book’s assertion that this is what Hell is, sinners admitting they are their sin and preferring to suffer in Hell forever rather than turn to the God who loves them and hates their sin for they see his hatred of sin as hatred for them. This puts the gays in the same boat as the damned. And Christians can’t care much about the damned for they would go out of their minds if they did. Terrifying! If it were not for the sanctimonious hate the sinner but love sin doctrine this classification of those who reject it as extreme sinners would not exist. If they are extreme sinners then any good they do is false for they equate themselves and all their being with sin. Humanists will not have attitudes like that towards people who do that for they reject free will and see evil as sickness.

If Hell is caused by the though that God hates your sin and not you then is God's love good? It may as well be hate then! It would be a thin line!

If Hell is for those who hold they are their sin it follows that to believe that love the sinner and hate the sin is to guarantee your damnation. This is pure vindictive hatred on the part of the Church. They want us to rot in Hell forever for the truth and for seeing through their pretence. It must be an extremely grave sin.

The Christians say they don’t judge people but sins. They say that if you sin seriously then you are identifying yourself with your sin and making a complete choice for evil and against God. They say that everybody is Hell is there because they believe the sinner cannot be separated from the sin and that sin reveals the sinner so to hate sin is to hate the sinner. But if we are that bad if we commit serious sin then some interesting conclusions arise.

The damned must really become that evil when they identify themselves with their sin. They close themselves off from God forever and irrevocably. There is nothing left that God can work on to change them so all good is gone from them. That is why they must stay in Hell forever. Even if they are baptised they are no longer Catholics though they carry the mark that they were baptised. The Church claims to be a communion between the Catholics in Heaven, Purgatory and Earth but Hell isn’t part of the equation. They are totally rejected by the Church and God. It is nonsense to say they reject us but we don’t reject them. If an employee behaves badly at work and you show him the door, you don’t say he sacked himself.

If so those who would be damned if they died now and those who are damned must be seen as having no genuine good in them. To hate their sin would be to hate them for they identify themselves with their sin. If Christians believe the reason for eternal damnation is that a totally evil choice is made then they cannot look for anything to praise in mortal sinners, that is, sinners who deserve Hell. The sinners then must be hated. When somebody is totally evil and is sin that person would have to be hated to avoid loving the sin. The doctrine of Hell certainly urges Christians to hate sinners. The saints must hate them too.

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