Religious faith is a crutch in many different ways. 


If you feel God has given you magical knowledge you feel that bit safer and think you are a step ahead of others. 

If you feel God is with you and will help you despite seeing others fall all around you.

If you feel your sins are less bad for God is bringing good out of them.

If you feel superior for now you are forgiven the terrible things you did.

If you think a miracle may come when things get really bad for you.

If you think it is a placebo or God gives you placebos.  It could be a placebo for a bad conscience or bad health.

If you need faith out of fear in case you offend a being that might be out there such as God.

If you need faith for you fear death.  What if the truth is that as nobody experiences dying  you are never going to feel anything anyway and nothing can save you from the dying process which is the real concern?

Reading all that shows that it might feel good for you but none of this is good and will lead to disrespect for others.

Religious crutches are based on other crutches too.

For example, if you hate humankind or hate a subset such as Muslims or LGBT, you will start saying, "You are in the image of God so I love you.  God made you wonderfully so I love you."  If you really love you will not need these props.  Just love.

 One prop is the miracle which is used as an excuse to get around your need for evidence for religion that is not there.  The miracle is suspect for there is a bleak picture when it comes to  you and crutches and if miracles happen they should not for they only feed that. No god would be doing them so lies or demons or jinn or spooks or whatever are better suspects.  We will not go into a debunking of miracles here for it is not needed.  It is debunked enough by our crave for crutches and our lies.

Christianity claims that it has evidence for its being the correct faith or religion. This evidence is miracles.  Also religion says that while you may have faith in God, the kind of faith God wants you to have is not your own creation but his.  It is a gift.  So it is about faith that is more than a head exercise but is a gift of a relationship with God and affirming the truth that comes from him. 

Religion is a crutch for hating what others may do and telling yourself you love them.  Miracles always testify that the lie that you can love the sinner but hate the sin is true. They act like calls to love sinners and hate sins. All believers know deep down fine well that obeying the calls isn't really possible. They admit that when they say that to say you did a bad thing of your own free will is to say you are a bad person and if you are a bad person you are despicable for bad is despicable.

Atheism is not a crutch though some say it is.

The only way atheism can be a crutch if you want to avoid God’s demands and forget them for they are too frightening and unpleasant (page 108, Answers to Tough Questions). This is untrue for right and wrong is right and wrong even if there is no God so the demands will still be there.

If the believers are saying you need a God to believe in right and wrong then they are saying you need a God to invent right and wrong for you! Then it is clear that the Atheists are right not to believe so the believers are the ones using the crutch.

If they are saying Atheists reject God because they hate the thought of his punishments this is ridiculous for if Atheists fear punishments from God then forgetting about them is a funny way of avoiding them for it is not going to work. And both Atheists and religious cultists believe that threats of punishment should have no influence on our actions which should be good and done because it is right and not to avoid punishment. If they are saying both that you do good to avoid punishment and because it is good then no real difference is made.

An atheist who is using the atheism as a crutch does not compare to a religious crutch holder.

Most atheists have a Humanist self-help system which improves happiness and gives all the benefits of religion without religion. And they do not live reckless hedonistic lives nor fear death. They would find it easier being religionists due to the strength of character and courage it takes to throw off the religious crutch so how dare the Christians suggest that Atheism is a crutch. The atheists are living martyrs. Christian martyrs are used as evidence that the faith is true while atheist ones are treated with indifference! This is so unfair and this is a bad fruit and Jesus said bad trees bear bad fruit.

It is clear that religious faith is a crutch and encourages people to have no guts and to need the crutch. This is superb for the clergy who want people to exploit. Anybody who promotes religion is exploiting whether they realise it or not and those who report miracles and defend them are the worst.


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