When we think of creation of all things from nothing we think of something that happened in the past.  We think we are here because of this past act of God.  We forget that religion says that is far from adequate.  It points out that God has to keep creating to keep us here.  The idea is that we came from nothing so if God died or lost his power (he cannot but this is hypothetical) all would go back to nothing.  This amounts to repeated creation.  There is a creation every moment.   This fresh creation matters more than any past.

Science however says that the universe needs no creating and is just there.  It is a brute fact. The downside of creation is that you have no way of knowing if anything really existed a moment ago.  Perhaps God just gave us a ready-made universe. 

With creation the universe is just a seeming continuation of the one that existed a moment ago.  As it would revert to nothing if God just stopped, he has to actually act to make it now.  So it is indeed a seeming continuation and not a real one.

Science cannot function if we don't even know if reality is a real continuation or a seeming one.  This is cemented over if reality is indeed only a seeming one.

The idea then of a loving creator is not really good for us. 

Religion says that we know evil exists for God the creator of all opposes it and works only and totally for good.

That is why it refers to evil as a problem for those who believe in an all good and all loving God. It says that if we say there is no God because evil exists then that makes no sense and we are left with no way of knowing what we mean by good.

So if you deny God over the problem of evil you end up with a new problem - the problem of good.

Then there are two problems. The problem of evil. The problem of good.

The problem of good presupposes that God in himself is pure goodness. The creation is clearly not as good as God so God is seen as the one who makes all things out of nothing so the creation is separate from him. That is to say, he did not turn himself into the creation. That would be making not creating.

Creating is to make something without using anything to make it from.

If creation is absurd then the problem of good fails. It is total nonsense.

All agree that something cannot come from nothing. Believers agree so they say it can if God commands it to. But God has nothing to act on. He does not need to create so he cannot have the power to create. God being self-sufficient does not need this power. So God simply wants creation to happen and does nothing to make it happen. And it happens. That is pure magic. If something can come from nothing without being worked on by God then it can come if there is no God at all. What has commanding to do with creating? Commanding is not making or causing. Commanding something to exist is not creating. If something appears that is down to luck not to God. Think of it this way, to cause means to change. God cannot change nothing into something for there isn't anything there to change. Theologians do admit they do not mean what we normally mean by saying God caused the universe. But that is playing with words.

The fall of the creation doctrine means the fall of any notion that God helps with the problem of good. The believers regard the problem of evil as a blessing for it means God is condemning and hating evil and fighting it. That goes too. Paradoxically you have to resort to the evils of lying and magic in defence of good and God which shows they are not really good after all.

The doctrine of creation is full of lies and stupidity and thus it cannot be a basis for the problem of good for it is not a good doctrine.

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