To create is to make out of nothing, in other words, to bring something that didn't exist at all before into existence. The Christians claim that only God can create. If we make something we do not create it for we make it from things that already exist.
Creation is a contradictory idea. To make something you need something to make it out of. So if there is nothing, you cannot make anything. If nothing is a material out of which things can be made then what do we need a God for? If there is nothing, God can't make anything. If anything exists, then it exists because it spontaneously came from nothing just as Stephen Hawking declared in 2010. He expressly declared that there is no need for God.
Creation has become an abhorrent doctrine today in the sense that bigots use it in the games they play to obscure science and butcher truth to religious dogma. For example, in the UK in 2010, the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom awarded the Noah's Ark Zoo with a Quality Badge in recognition of its "educational" programme. The British Humanist Association (BHA) recognised the Zoo's right to free speech but said the problem was that the Zoo was teaching Bible dogma as scientific fact and distorting science. In other words, the education they were providing was a semi-education. So the BHA objected and asked that the award be revoked. Anne Widdicome responded that the objection was bigotry. She said it was based on Zoo's suggestion that all things might have been created and she accused the BHA of arguing that the Zoo had no right to tell children about creation and to let them make up their own minds about it.
Creation does not make any sense so the suggestion of the zoo that it is THE alternative view that should be made known to people is preposterous. You may as well say that once there was nothing but cheese and it turned into the universe. It is AN alternative view and there is nothing special about it. Why should it get special treatment? It is only getting it because people wish to promote Christianity. The very name Noah's Ark Zoo is a problem because it is proven that the Bible story of the Ark is silly and full of contradictions.
Creation is allegedly revealed by God in the Bible. People who thought God was talking to them wrote the Bible. But even if there is a God, there is no way of being sure that it really is him one is in touch with. With all the bickering and contradictory religions about which all claim to have been revealed by God, it shows that in all probability, the person who claims to be in touch with God is deluded or lying. The one who claims to be a prophet won't admit but but he is actually saying, "Treat me as the voice of God - and if I am wrong then tough!" This is as every bit as bad as worshipping a block of wood that your local craftsman has made and declared to be a god. Those who say that creation is an alternative view should say that it is a guess not a view!

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