Science shows lying is built into us - suggesting if there is a God then he is to blame

Religion says that there is an aberration of science called scientism.

We are told that scientism opposes anything that cannot be physically observed and examined and verified. Nobody really does that.  That would be silly. What happens is you guess there are things you don't know and find them through testing. If you can’t see or hear it or touch it or whatever, if your gadget cannot detect it, then it is either to be treated as untrue (until more light comes) or does not matter.

Scientism is only a made up term that is used to try and silence anybody who sees that the science does not support supernatural and religious claims when they are hearsay.  It just so happens that all claims are hearsay.

There is no scientism.  It is science.  Science says that what is tested and shown to be probably correct matters more than anything else.  That is simply true and we will not stand for it being scorned as scientism.

We are asked to think that scientism will deny that there are mysteries beyond the human mind. That is a lie.  All sciences says what matters is what you can test. The point of testing is to get rid of mystery which means you assume it exists in the first place. Objections to the straw man of scientism are really about stopping people seeing that mysteries such as Jesus being sinless or perfect, virgin born, resurrected are only hearsay for investigation is impossible. The existence of mystery does not entitle one to say they believe in x, y, z and say they take them on faith for they are mysteries beyond reason and science.  The beliefs do not affirm or respect or build on science.  It is science not scientism that is being attacked.

Science ignores God for God's involvement in anything cannot be detected. God will never be detected so God more than anything else is in the category of something that needs to be treated as if false or unimportant. To call God unimportant is so close to atheism that you may as well go for it. A God like that is unfit to be called God.

Plus if God created us, then he created us as liars. A region of the cortex in one's brain exists to manufacture lies. When a person lies this region of their frontal lobes becomes active. We are all part time liars at best. Being a liar is biological and natural. If you think God does this then God corrupts children. They like adults have brains made to lie. Narcissists who lie a lot and need to lie a lot have a brain that is more developed than usual to make liars of them.

These are the facts. So if God could be real he is not reliable and will alter the results of experiments to fool us. It undermines science totally.

It is not "scientism" to throw God out. It is affirming science in all its spectrums and forms.
Even if God did not overthrow science, the fact that the idea raises a question about science is enough to dismiss God. Science matters not a religious theory.

You cannot affirm faith or encourage others to have faith in a God who is not a God of truth without being dishonest. You need to be told bluntly, "Who do you think you are? I won't be taken for a fool." So a lying God means his allies are liars as well.

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