The Maths of Creation
Why is there something rather than nothing? Religion answers God created all things out of nothing. It means not that nothing is an ingredient but that God made all things and not out of anything. It is a way of saying the universe does not depend on anything only God. Without God, there would be nothing.
God cannot cease to exist. But hypothetically, if he could and God is no more then the universe would just vanish and there would not be anything at all. When you think of creation this way you see more clearly how creation by God is made to look reasonable but actually makes no sense. 1 cannot become 0. Energy changes into different forms but never ceases to exist. If we imagine all things turning back into nothing we see that as absurd. So why do we think it makes sense for nothing to become something?
It is a problem how they say God made the universe from nothing not even himself. They agree that something cannot come from nothing but God does miracles so he is exempt from this rule. In mathematical terms, something coming from nothing is like 0+0=1 or 0=1. If 1 is God's power then 1+0=1. But God's power is not used to make all things. It acts to produce but does not use itself as a raw material. So it is indeed 0+0=1. It is like how a blacksmith does not make the hoof out of himself but out of something that is not him. This has God acting on nothing but that is impossible. There isn't anything there to act on.
The whole is greater than the part contradicts the maths of creation. If there is nothing then nothing in a sense is the whole. But it is clear that the universe is greater than nothing.
Nothing makes sense if creation by God is possible. The cop-out answer is that it is a miracle. Miracle is just another word for magic though believers lie that there is a difference. If it is magic for a prince to turn into a frog it is magic for God to turn a dead man into a living one. Period. Because miracles are so odd, it follows that you can only guess if they have happened. Believers assume miracles happen without evidence. They reason, “We guess that miracles happen. Therefore God is the origin of the universe in the miracle of creation. The universe had to have a maker so God exists.” How could that be a proof or evidence for God when they are guessing about miracles?
You cannot criticise fairy godmothers turning pumpkins into carriages when you believe in a magic infinitely greater and far more magical.
Physics shows us that there are no building blocks of matter. What you have is a pile of activity that is constantly changing and all things are related to each other. We are our relationships to each other and ourselves and everything else in terms of physics.  

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