My attitude runs deeper than what I know or believe so I give myself the gift of attitude.

I reject the existence of a God who owns me and would reject him if he existed. I do this in order to own myself. Atheism is about me not God.

I wish and decide to be God over how I respond to everything that happens bad and good and that alone really matters.

I have hidden reserves so I will always hope.

If the worst happens, I may have to settle for being open to at least not letting it get any worse.

I will never fear truth but face it with courage for the truth belongs to nobody and I have to face it.

I will always be open to learning and correcting what I think because I wish to avoid contradicting myself so that I can be true to myself. To accept things just because I feel they are true or because others say they are shows a lapse in respect to myself and my autonomy. I need the truth so I can make real choices. Errors lead to more errors and help people to lie to me.

This the only sensible faith, the atheist's faith.

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