If you have a fundamental right to know and you do not know, then clearly there is no need to wonder any more if God can let evil happen and be good.  He cannot.


The right to know why you suffer overrides any alleged benefit of suffering.  If suffering is to train you you need to be informed clearly and thoroughly.


It is cruel and exploitive how Christians don't tell you that.


It is made worse by the fact that it is easy to condone what a person does despite the suffering it causes when you are not that person.  Only God has the right to condone or justify what God does.  Only God can know why.  If he tells us that is not the same as being God and knowing.


But we do justify the actions of doctors who administer tough love in the clinics and who do their best under dreadful conditions.  Why should it be different with God?


Religion says that evil and suffering do not disprove God's existence. If that is true, then not disproving is an evil itself. It is evil because it could disprove for reasons you do not know. It means you only think they do not disprove. You are risking being okay with divine evil. You are taking the risk if you have reasons for holding it does not disprove. If you have few or no good reasons, the risk is even bigger. The not disproving risks approving of divine evil.
When people say they connect with God they mean they connect with some power that influences them and forms a relationship with them. But how do they know it is God? What if God made an angel and told it to make all things and it went astray? What if you are connecting to a demiurge or a very crafty and clever Satan? Even if there is a God it does not follow that you are connecting to him or able to.
You do not know if evil disproves God. It is evil how you still do not know. Not knowing is an evil. If you think it is good not to know things, please remember that even if it is, it is not good in itself. An error is bad by itself no matter how much good it results in. The consequences do not make it a blessing for it is the consequences that are the blessing not it.

Even if God is right to let us suffer, it does not follow that man has any reasonable grounds for agreeing with this. Or that man agrees for the right and noble reasons. So God saying the innocent need to suffer is greatly different from man saying it. It is not man's place. And it is too high of a responsibility for any man or religion. To take that responsibility is wrong and irresponsible and disrespectful. To take it and then say you don't have it is worse!
Big claims need big evidence. So if anybody seems to condone the evil that happens to you and does not care much, it is up to them to prove that they care. Until they do you can assume they are just more or less heartless. You can be a kind person but not care what God does to people. Human nature can be very contradictory.




Quotes from Christian experts who condone or play down Bible evil are plentiful.


“Matters like biblical slavery and genocide surely are on the periphery of the gospel rather than at its pious heart, a place where we find cherished doctrines well worth defending - such as Trinity, incarnation, and atonement” Randal Rauser - God or Godless?


A faith that asks you to agree with God being happy that Abraham was prepared to murder Isaac for him does not value human life enough.  Human life matters more than any trinity or gospel or mass or prayer.


The evidence is that no God would ask man to say it is okay if God lets evil happen.  He cannot considering what human nature is like!




If you condemn God for evil you will be said to be stating what you believe. But unless you say you believe it nobody has the right to say you believe it. What if you know it? After all seeing a tyrant thump a child entitles you to say you know he did wrong.  It is that simple.  Religion will accuse you of having a mere opinion or belief that God if he exists is unworthy of worship and worthy only of being cursed.  That is evil in itself for it does not mind accusing you even if it is wrong.

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