Some forms of religion, usually Christian, order you to feel and believe you are certain that the religion is true and others are false when you are not.

Many religions treat faith as an epistemology. That is, they argue that faith is some sort of supernatural revelation to you about what is true. Thus faith is seen as knowledge. This implies that you are not only to see your religion's teaching as certain but also to FEEL that it is totally certain.

Thinking something is certain when it is not is lying to yourself so that you can fool others better. It is hard to lie unless you lie to yourself first. And once you start treating opinions and beliefs as having the same force as facts do that is dangerous. It is the one thing you have to do so that a fanatic can brainwash and influence you. Those who feel certain of what is not certain know it deep down and tend to become bullies towards those who know the real truth and those who can rip off the mask.

Blaming politics or culture or authoritarianism when religious people do grave evil instead of the religion overlooks the fact that it is only persons who believe they can and do know things magically or psychically (some religions claim that belief in them is supernaturally infused in you by God) who can get attached enough to policies and doctrines enough so that they would start a war for them. Blaming anything more than or instead of the religious impulse is unwittingly supporting the fanatics. It stops good people from doing anything about the problem for they misdiagnose the cause.

A religion's teaching that its version of religious faith is a source not of belief but of knowledge leads only to disputes for other religions that contradict it will be teaching that they are the ones with the truth. They say they know God and what his ways are. Roman Catholicism teaches that faith is certainty. The Nazis even at their worst could never have been that arrogant. You can't claim to know when you are merely believing unless you believe in a magical God who is revealing the truths to you and helping you to see they are true. Religion, however benign it seems, is paving the way for arrogance and evil and intolerance worse than the Nazis could have ever dreamed of.

Programming you or unduly influencing you to believe is violence. When a religion takes advantage of you to get you to believe, the end result is not faith but a semblance of it. You believe because the religion played games with your mind so your belief is you not being fully yourself. It is not real belief at all or it is mainly not real belief. It makes you believe because you want to. Those who believe in religion because they want to instead of caring for the truth are better at seeing this flaw in members of other religions than in themselves and that leads to sectarianism and terrorism and inter-religious hatred. They see no point in trying to reason with people who only believe what they want so persecution seems to be the only answer especially if those people are seen as a threat in some way. If Muslims see Christians as irrational and as a threat they will destroy them for they will see little point in attempting dialogue with people who only care about what they want to believe.

Religion is clear that members must hold that its version of faith is sacred and that those who don't have this faith must respect it. This argument paralyses those who feel, "I don't want to judge religious people who do harm as being bad. I'd rather blame their faith. It is better to blame their faith than them. Blame the thing not the people for we have to assume the best we can about everybody. People are to be respected but belief has no right to be respected. Respect the belief only for the sake of the believer not for its own sake." If faith is to blame, then treating it as something never to be challenged or condemned is enabling the problems it causes.

Violence is violence so if you are exploited by religion it will easily have a bad impact on how you connect with others.  You will hurt them.  Only hurt people fly planes into buildings.

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