Build up the community not the religion

A religion tends to be a community. We need community. What we need to do is form communities that include people of all religions and none. We are social creatures. The word religion seems to mean what binds people together. Religion implies pressuring people to be in the community. A healthy community is one where people want to be together. They are not bound together. Are they bound and united by their desire to be a community? The answer is that they are not bound together but united together.
Faiths that do not teach the existence of gods or God still help their groups to act like a family. Is it faith that helps them do this? No. Even people who secretly do not believe in the faith or who pick and choose what suits them out of it will still reap the benefits. It is at least appearing to be a believer that helps. That is why you see unbelieving families still having their babies baptised and putting them forward for sacraments such as holy communion and confirmation and encouraging them to have church weddings and even funerals. These may be the only times you see them in the Church. It works because it makes them feel communion and friendship with other people in the religion. It helps them work with their fear of being alone.
How much better is it to treat members of different religions and none the same? Separate from religion so that you can be a community with them all. That is the community you need.

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