We are all one being in many bodies. We are all connected - all human life is incorporated into one unity. Our consciousness is the same force and power but just occupying different bodies.

Those who have gone send us blessings and we can send blessings to them!
We know that having somebody who we feel is with us in spirit and sending us loving energy in the difficult times and whose example we wish to follow is necessary. We need people like that to love. We love them and we become like them because one becomes like the one who one loves. Human role models - not allegedly perfect divine ones or angelic ones - are the best for we are human ourselves.
It's good for us to love for loving can help make us happy and it's good for others too. We need to love someone who loves us unconditionally and for all of us at some point in our life there is nobody but those who have passed on. Love is what keeps despair away. We need to have a spiritual love relationship with our deceased friends and relatives. We need to continue our capacity for relationships when there are no others around but the invisible friends. Many of these spirits are with us from birth to death. When we love them this love makes us better people for it is good to love. Without belief in their presence we say no to loving more.
Your good works go with you when you go and confer the crown of grace on you. The good works of others that they offer up to you do this too.
We can exalt our loved ones to glory upon glory by sending them gifts and thoughts of love. The power we give raises them up to higher and higher levels of divinity (if you want to use that word to describe beings who gain supernatural powers). We do not pray for the dead to be forgiven their sins. Rather, we glory in them for they are invisible not dead and our love really reaches them. We ask them for forgiveness for the mistakes we made on earth and we obtain it instantly. We obtain it in the knowledge that in their happiness they forgive us unhesitatingly for they so wish to share that peace and wonder and knowledge and bliss with us. They make a celestial paradise of laughter and ecstasy. And we can enjoy it too no matter who we are, how much or little we have or where we were born.
When we offer magical gifts to the departed, we offer ourselves. Our magic is a part of us. It is more a part of us than the air we breathe. We enter into communion with them. Communion is a union forged by love.
Recall that our bodies are continually breaking down into dust and waste and being renovated. The elements that used to comprise our bodies are recycled and so are our spiritual thoughts and our love.

We are in supernatural communion with those whom we love though they have passed on.
Any religion that says we should worship only one god is denying our right to believe that our dear departed ones can still hear us and love us and loved by us to the extent that we should be going to them not God. It is wisdom to honour the spirits of those who we know and honour them in preference to any god.
We know that there is more to each one of us than just mind in a body. That mind has a side you are aware of and another side that you are not aware of. This is your subconscious. It is full of miraculous power. It is like a mind of its own. It is like a supernatural being. A god or goddess is a superior being. But we are not gods or goddesses for we are equal.
If somebody invokes my help - even without my conscious knowledge - whether I am alive or whether I have left this life for another life, power will go out of me to help them.
When we feel an urge to send blessings we are responding to those who have asked for our blessings. We may not be aware of how exactly we are blessing them but we are.
Why love somebody or some god you have never met when you can love your departed or even living son, daughter, mother, father, partner or friend or anyone you loved? This is more natural and appropriate. It is what we really want to do. Your parents did not only create your body but also your spirit. Your body came from their bodies. Your spirit is the awareness or power that dwells in them but which now resides in a new tabernacle.
When the spirits are reincarnated there is still a connection there. We can still worship them and send them energy that exalts them glory upon glory. If we ask them for help, our mind power will draw the mind power they willingly give to help the universe.
Some religions believe that the power resides in the relics of the dead. We say that it is the memories and feeling of communion with the dead that the power comes from - not the relics. The relics are only good for evoking these memories and feelings. There is no power in them. The most potent relics are your treasured memories of your loved ones!
When a person leaves their body at death, their healing abilities, their power to protect and to love, their virtue lives on after them. These powers can be tapped into by those who remember them. When a person departs, many of us report feeling as if they are still alive in some way. This feeling draws their blessings into our lives.
Offer up your acts of love in honour of the living and the dead and you will benefit them. They will in turn benefit you.
This nonsense has the same emotional appeal as Catholicism which says that if you offer prayers and sacrifices for the dead you benefit them and they will benefit you by praying for you.
The argument that the dead help us if we empower them is refuted by the problem of extremely cruel suffering. If the dead are like God then there should be no babies being tortured beyond belief. If a perfect God can have no excuse for letting this happen, imperfect human gods have less of an excuse.
It is strange how people want to open themselves up to supernatural forces such as God and the dead when they shouldn't even trust them! Nobody would open themselves up to a God who makes and sends evil unless they were heavily brainwashed or stupid.
What about claims it is up to us to turn our departed ones into gods and goddesses? Many would like to be able to give gifts of power and glory to their departed ones.
But why not focus on helping people in this life? The doctrine can lead to people doing nothing for you until you are dead.
To encourage bereaved people to feel the dead person is still around is postponing the acceptance process.
And it bullies those who feel no such thing. They feel they are to blame for their sadness and grief.
The doctrine is bad but it is better than the Roman Catholic doctrine that we can help our loved ones after death if they are in Purgatory. The goal is to get them permitted into the kingdom of God in Heaven forever. 

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