Doing evil because you see it as God's plan for good
Christians say God is pure love and only puts up with evil for the sake of good. So nothing is worthless.
Plan or not, if God should let people perpetuate all the cruelty they wish so should we.
The two options
What if you believe it does not matter what evil you do or what God thinks?
What if you believe that you can do harm of any kind as long as you feel inspired by God and that it is part of his plan?
Believers will say that if you have a choice then do the evil in God's honour and for his plan. Even if the evil is useless in his plan you don't know that so at least you kind of mean well.
So to believe in God is to say that hypothetically you would do evil for his plan.
Belief in God leads to this hypothetical extremism. It still speaks of the kind of person you are. If you would murder if you got the right chance that does not make you any better than a murderer.
The other problem is that when you do evil for the plan it is a short step to doing evil while not caring about the plan. Why should you care about the plan if it is inevitable?
Believers already do that
Believers know they have to make some difficult decisions that seem to be as harmful as they are good. They tell themselves God has a plan. So believers in principle believe in doing evil this way so that good may come.
An example of such an evil is when somebody's teeth are rotting and they are going to ruin her health if they are not punched out.
Another example is war.
The believers will object that they intend the good and the evil is unintended. But they are still using evil for a greater good. Even people who do grave harm do it because their ultimate goal is good. There is a sense in which nobody's evil is intended.
Believers who say you must not judge others then cannot judge bad people as meaning to be bad but see them as misguided devotees of God who serve his plan in the wrong way!
Do you see how that doctrine and approach leads to softness that will only enable lies, hypocrisy, evil and violence?
People have given nasty violent revelations from God such as Moses and Jesus and Muhammad. People have felt inspired to murder for God. All that evil is rooted in the notion that God has done the thinking and sees the big picture and has told man what to do.
Peaceful believer or not, you are indirectly responsible for the bloodshed for faith for you and the violent is principally about trust in a God who knows best. Even by commanding you to have this faith, God is commanding an evil principle and commanding evil.
Why we can't do evil for God's plan
Believers argue that you should never murder or steal or have sex out of marriage even if you think God will have a use for it.
They say God will have a use for it for he controls all things and you use your freedom because of him and not in spite of him. So even our sins fit in the plan.
If God exists the objection that evil will destroy us all so it is to be avoided is not valid for he is all-powerful. It does not really matter if we stop others from doing evil or not for the future is God's concern. In reality even we help we are not helping for he is in control. So if we do nothing at all he can't complain because human help really isn't possible.
What if you assume that you can hit a person for nothing and still be doing right on the grounds that you intend God to bring some good out of it that cannot exist without the evil? Believers may say that this is second-guessing God. They say it is not your place to decide if God should bring good out of your evil. Yes but it is not about you deciding for God. It is about the doctrine that God uses evil to bring good out of it that makes the evil worth tolerating.
If God only allows evil he can turn to good, it is not arrogant to hit somebody for the sake of this good.
If we can't do evil, it is simply because God says we can't. But that is only going to lead to doubt and rebellion against God. If you refuse to hurt because you are told you obviously value obedience more than being harmless!
Do nothing
People only help each other because of God - God is there all the way. So helping others is really doing nothing. So whether you help or don't help you are doing nothing and God is in control and working for the greater good.
Doing something is doing nothing. All that matters is that we just do nothing to stop evil in others or ourselves. Such a belief is harmful for our natural instinct is to feel that we do good for others.  
Incidentally, the free will defence and the Christian doctrine against scandal - Christ said that anybody who leads his people astray by lying to them or doing nothing to enlighten them would be better off drowned - are in conflict.
If believers do great good, this is baffling. The doctrine of God is no encouragement.
The dark side of humanity will always out
What if you decide to say that God brings good out of all evil except evil that is meant by us to enable God's mysterious purpose to be effected?
But God still empowers you to do it. If God is love, he lets evil be done for he sees how to bring good out of it. How is God refusing to bring good out of the evil you do supposed to help?
All evil is about the good that is going to come from it.  If you rob the bank to feel good about yourself you are trying to reap the good that you hope will result from your action. It is no wonder religion is able to fool people with its doctrine, "God lets evil happen to bring good out of it. Let us trust in his plan." The doctrine is evil for it arises from the very instinct that makes us like evil and makes us evil. Faith in God when it seems to get people to behave themselves is managing to do it by being another outlet for their evil. Think of the thief. The thief steals to send his child to college. That is the good he aims for through doing the evil. He does it because he believes the evil can lead to the good.
Human nature needs an outlet for its dark side. Some would say that the saints were able to be so good because their outlet for evil was in condoning the sick and twisted ways of God and of those lousy enough to back him up. Not so good underneath it all then...if that is what we are like then God can hardly complain if we hit somebody or if we do passive aggressive good for them like the saints did.
It is plainly less evil - assuming that there can be degrees of evil - to hit a person with the motive that God can bring good out of it than to hit a person to harm that person. It would be vulgar if God preferred the greater evil to the lesser and had it in for the person practicing the lesser more than the greater.


Atheism should lead to greater revulsion for evil.
We like to feel evil is part of the plan of God Almighty for it makes us feel better about how others suffer and makes us feel better about the terrible things we may have done.

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