Miracle Explosion OR When Christians irrationally say tomorrow will be all miracles!!

Christians strangely say that as dead men stay dead but Jesus was an exception then we can be sure that the faith does not propose this miracle or any other as a regular event and that makes the miracle tale believable. Is the regular relevant? Too regular means natural law means nothing. A law with too many exceptions is not really much of a law. And a miracle needs to be rare to stand out.
The Bible says that people coming back from the dead all the time will be a regular event at some time in the future. And Matthew says Jesus was not the only one who rose in Jerusalem. And since when did the Bible not mentioning any more resurrections prove it does not think it's a regular thing?
Catholicism expects to see miracles everywhere one day.

It says all the dead will rise again and have bodies with miracle properties.
The Bible speaks of eras where miracles were as common as snowflakes. It promises such an era again and tells us to assume that Jesus’ second coming which will feature prolific miracle working is just around the corner. The Church is being objectively evil in endorsing miracles for there is nothing to stop the Catholic from saying that every hospital in the world will be emptied in ten minutes because everybody gets a miracle cure. If a Catholic does not hope for a miracle he or she should if he or she wants to be a Catholic. 
If Christians should expect all that magic to happen one day then why should we accept their view of what will happen? Why not argue that all who get vaccinated from now on will turn into zombies in ten years time?

Catholicism is a crazy religion.

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