There is no doubt that Christianity is best described as a white man's patriarchal system.  Even Jesus and Mary's non-white origins have been treated like an open secret nobody wants to mention or think about.

Islam is an example of a religion generally associated with race.  To criticise Islam will lead to one being seen as a racist even if you claim it is only the religious truth claims you have a problem with.  Many use the faults of the religion or perceived faults as an excuse for attacking Muslims.  Yet it is really based on racial grounds.

It is certainly islamaphobic to make certain insinuations about Muhammad and Aisha when it is there on paper in the Bible that Mary was impregnated and used as a breeder when she was even  younger than other girls treated that way.  Child marriages took place and it did not matter if girls were going to die in childbirth as their bodies were not ready.  It did not matter as everybody thought pregnancy and childbirth were dangerous anyway.

Some religions are so ingrained in ethnic groups and races that they are virtually the same.  We must remember that they were not left alone by the Church which used religion as an excuse for racist interference.

The Christian missionaries went to tribes and countries to convert them.  They set up clinics and food distribution to get attention and to wean the people away from their native cultures and religions.  They erased their cultures.  Rather than cultural appropriation, there was a lot of cultural destruction.  This was about condescending superiority.

Where did the money come from?  From their racist flocks back home.  From their racist monarchs and popes.  From their privileged bishops and priests.  They became the willing instruments of politicians who gave them the means and rights to go to other nations to interfere.  They were funded by bigots.  They were funded mostly by slave owners and even slave traders.

The reward was the expansion of Christian political culture and political power and influence.  Many of the people preached to were dragged away as slaves and sold.  Babies were taken from their mothers and sold for adoption or slavery.  Children and women were raped by the clergy with impunity.

In those cultures, the conversion took place by osmosis.  The Church lets its ideology creep in by stealth everywhere.  Then the vulnerable felt compelled to let it rule it and rule its schools. The result was the indoctrination of children.  The conversion also took place by force.

People who saw their cultures and way of life were about to be uprooted forever and spat on fought back and the Church had them jailed and murdered.

Any culture that respected women and could be called a matriarchy was supplanted by patriarchy of a Christian type.  Europe became an ideological invader.

The Jewish religion had to suffer an authorised figure, Jesus, making changes to it. If he did not do that himself, and the Bible does say he was a faithful Jew who was only against the leaders for not living up to Judaism properly, then the apostles who claimed his mandate did.   This religion was also virtually the Jewish race.  Christianity in its racism, claimed to be the legitimate religion while Judaism was now outdated.  It stole Jews from their religion.  It murdered Jews.  It locked them in ghettos.  It murdered children and then tried to pin the killings on Jews.  It slandered the Jews on Good Friday by reading texts saying they all treated Jesus very badly in his day and even manipulated their Roman oppressors to kill him.  The Jews suffered a holocaust under the Romans.  The whole nation was dotted with crosses with Jews nailed to them and eaten by birds and dogs.  So please understand the seriousness and the evil of what the Church is doing.  It is as evil as saying the Jews manipulated the Nazis to set up the concentration camps.  There is no evidence that the Jews involved in the Jesus affair were really guilty and they never got their right of reply.  the Church is guilty of abhorrent anti-semitism.

Christianity built a new religion on Judaism.  It stole its Bible, the Old Testament.  It even went as far as to change the Messiah doctrine from one of a divinely chosen political king to something odd and bizarre. 

The religion had a Bible comprising the Jewish Bible and a so-called New Testament.  This Bible spoke of the Hebrews, the people of Israel being liberated from slavery in Egypt.  Even if God condemned this slavery, it would not mean much.  It could be he bans slavery only unless he expressly authorises it.  It is like how he bans sex and only authorises it in wedlock.  No verse flat out says slavery is wrong.  Talk about equality means nothing for it occurs in all cultures.  It never stopped anybody having their own prejudices about what equality is.  It is hard to implement anyway.

Not once when God frees them does he say slavery is in fact immoral or a sin.  It is about preference not morality.  God wanted to free them not because it was right but because he just felt like feeling bad about their plight.  Proof that it is not a sin comes in how the law given by God to the Jews assumes slavery is the norm.  God could have made laws but kept them out of the Bible.  Making them sacred like that is not just saying they are the norm but is keeping them as the norm.  It is validation.  It is putting this into the hands of everybody with a copy of the law.  That is propaganda. 

The law affirms slavery when it gives rules about how much a man can beat up his slave for his slave is his property.   Jesus never sought the company of slaves.  He never asked any master to free the young boy or girl he was exploiting.  Not one.  That would not have killed him.  And he knew that girls were being raped by masters taking advantage of their slave class.

Until the Church pulls out the slavery and antisemitism endorsements in the Bible, apologises for its role in slavery, gives back the balance of power to the races and tribes and ethnic groups and native religions it robbed, it should be firmly opposed.  Deconstruct it and take its money from it for there is compensation to be paid to the descendants of the oppressed.  Such a racist force should not be running schools.

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