when good people in a religion do not count as the clergy are bad and the true representatives 

How many good people there are in a religion does not matter when the clergy are most representative of the religion. They spend time building it up. They learn it carefully. They represent it by being its face. For these three reasons, a religion can be condemned by the corruption of its clergy and especially when that corruption goes not too look and seems endemic. And corruption cannot happen unless enough people in the clergy seem good or okay. So it is not a case where you look at the good not the bad. You look at the bad. Period. Believers do not point to the hospitals Stalin built as an excuse for saying, "Look at the good and the bad must hardly register." If you want to do that with a group you have to do it with a person as well for nobody does bad things all the time. That is a fact of nature not religion. The good should be put down to nature and nothing else.  Religion should not be identifying itself with goodness any more than a cricket club should.

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