The Catholic priesthood led to quite a strong undercurrent of anticlericalism in Ireland.  This was not without reason.

The priests demanded money from the impoverished even if it meant the children would go hungry. The priests visited houses after people had died to collect money for their services. People had to pay up at the funeral - the Mass Offerings system. Those who went to mourn and pay their respects had to pay more than just their respects for the privilege.

Catholicism preached that you must never help others except to please God. This led to children feeling deprived of parental affection. Emotional neglect of the child was rife. The Church was an enthusiastic supporter of corporal punishment of the worst kind. Fathers were domineering and distant. The result of this was children seeking in God what their own parents would not give them. No wonder vocations to the priesthood were high. Being deprived of warmth and true love as baby, damages a person for life and leads to celibacy and disparagement of becoming a parent.

Catholics sought to cover up the clerical sex abuse scandal. Because of that Albert Reynold's government collapsed. Bertie Ahern, an icon of duplicity, took over and brought the country to ruin and a recession horrendous beyond belief.

The Church never required clerics to report clerics who were a danger to children to the civil authorities. It only required it recently because under media and social pressure it had no choice. Even then the Church to date has refused to instruct its bishops to report suspected cases of abuse to police, saying they need only do so when required by local laws. This has led bishops who are thus required to make the excuse that under their interpretation of the law they were not required in many particular cases. Priests who are not protesting are collaborators in the scheme and they are compromising with evil.

The Church and state collaborated to get the tax payer to pay the abuse compensation bill. The taxes of the abused and their families were stolen so that the Church could be better off financially.

The Church offered cheap forgiveness and conditioned politicians to feel they could be good Catholics while stealing from the nation and lying to the poor. Charles Haughey was a good example of that! The Church made morality look stupid and thus the conscience of the blackguard was silenced. Nobody can seriously care if the nation is robbed and lied to if they are conditioned to imagine that it is a sin deserving an eternity of Hellfire to freely engage even in one second of masturbation?

The believer in God says prayers looking for this and that. Prayers can be said for healing or for peace of mind. That's two examples. Answer to prayer would be the chief evidence for the existence of God. Rational proofs or evidences for God would be dubious without indications that God is with his people and supports them. If miracles happen, they would be inferior to answers to prayer in terms of being signs or indications of God's loving presence. It would be very strange if people who pray for peace in their hearts don't get it while God does miracles such as making Jesus go up to Heaven on a cloud. It would indicate that God has no concern for the spiritual dimension but just likes showing off and acting like an entertainer.

The believer remembers the times he prays for something and when what he asks for happens. He forgets the times nothing happened. He forgets how he asked for contentment and got manic depression and suicidal tendencies. This forgetting and ignoring the failures is wilful. Prayer develops the "skill" of self-deception. Politicians have to switch off the part of their brain that accuses them of being liars in order to fool the people. Self-deception is really about deceiving others only.

The Church pays no taxes. It does not pay the household charge of 2012. It pretends to be a charity. Reiki groups then should be charities too as well as any group saying that wheatgerm is a sacrament. The Church even gets money from the taxpayer if donors fill out a form.


The Village Atheists should shout the truth out. The Catholic priesthood is a force for evil and the evil of superstition. Jesus had a point about wolves in the clothing of sheep. And he was not referring to violent or blatantly evil people but those who with charm and religious lies and craftiness take advantage of the sheep. The apostles were sent out in the midst of such "wolves" and nobody violently harmed them or threatened to.

The good deeds of a few individual priests or nuns cannot be cited as overall evidence that the Church is benign and good as a Church or system. Is it any wonder parents let their children be molested by a priest on the grounds that the abuser is sometimes kind? That kindness stops the parent believing and supporting the child. It is not true kindness for it is needed to facilitate evil. People can be evil in principle and still do loads of good works. For example, many Protestant nurses did outstanding work but their hearts were still devoted primarily to a Calvinist God who sends people to Hell for the fun of it.

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