The Greed of Catholic Priests

The Roman Catholic priesthood profits financially and socially from the public's ignorance of its nonsensical doctrines, its failure to care about providing evidence for its alleged power to act for God or preach his words and its harmful superstitions.
The scam
The Church preaches many things that seem nice but in fact they are not. That is what it is paid for.
They will tell you about the beauty of forgiving but give you no real help to forgive people permanently and without self-deception. Counsellors and self-help books do a lot more. The Church takes your money for doing nothing for you.
To tell people to come to God for grace and help so that they can forgive is loopy because it is wiser to have something concrete and earthly. When religion makes such serious demands on the mind and the heart it is clear that religion should only be taught by those who have excellent experience and qualifications in psychiatric analysis. It takes years to study and have the chance of becoming a good psychologist or psychiatrist. The fact that the Catholic religion takes on such roles without having the right to and even dares to charge for it by blackmailing people to pay money in its Sunday collections on pain of everlasting damnation is too anger rousing to dwell on. It is theft and should be legally dealt with. One example of the mind warping techniques of the Church is how the Church wants its priests to centre themselves on the child Jesus – they have to direct their feelings all towards him with the result that sexuality is conditioned to develop an attraction to children – the results have been catastrophic with priestly paedophilia being so common. The whole reason that violence is bad is that it opposes freedom – the freedom from harm and the Church urges its victims to violate themselves and be violent towards themselves by submitting to the will not of God but of God as perceived by the Church and not their own will.
Supererogation, the idea that there are good works you could do but don’t have to do and from which it is not a sin to refrain, is a major doctrine in the Roman Catholic faith. Unsurprisingly, the law is that money be donated to the Church and it is optional to look after the poor.
Christmas Gift to the Priests
The Roman Catholic priesthood seeks a Christmas gift from all who contribute to the Church. In Ireland, the Church uses an envelope system to get money off the people. They pay an envelope weekly and for feast-days. At Christmas, the people use a Christmas Gift envelope to give money to the priest. Older people who are vulnerable have been known to put in 100 euro or more. The priest numbers the envelope so that he knows who pays what. The shame of the priest knowing if they put in a pittance persuades many to pay too much or above their means.
The Christmas gift money is never accounted for. It is never mentioned in the Income and Expenditure Accounts. The priest who likes getting the money does not share any of it with parish charities.
Priests benefit from those foolish enough to Gift Aid in support of their parish. They take advantage of the fact that only real charities should be able to benefit from the Gift Aid system. estimates that priests embezzle 90 million dollars annually from Sunday collections in the states The Church won't apply better controls. All a priest has to do is receive an envelope with 100 dollars in it and lodge 10 and put 90 in his pocket. There is no requirement to hire an auditor.
The money is wasted on the priesthood. It would do so much good if given to the hospital instead. Instead, it is used to reward a witchdoctor who claims by doing certain rites to give you invisible and intangible and undetectable benefits. What a con!
Some faiths insist that priests and ministers work in a normal job and refrain from living off the money given by the people. It is only right. Why condemn angel therapists who tell people rubbish and charge them for it and approve of priests doing something just as superstitious?
Charging for Masses and sacraments
Priests get money for masses for the dead and administering the sacraments. They just keep that money. They get "donations" for baptisms and marriages and funerals. A donation is given to do good. Money given to a person who already has more than enough is not a donation. And there is social pressure to pay. The priests do not have a policy where the money given is to be passed on to the poor. They keep the money and lie that it is a donation. The Church could take thousands of pounds of donations off you during your life and when you are dead there will be no Masses said for you unless somebody pays for them.
The priest has to say Mass daily and though he is saying Mass anyway he will still take money from those who request the Mass. They might want it said for a deceased relative. What kind of person would take money for a Mass for a dead person especially when he has do the Mass anyway? It is like charging a person for lifting them up if they fall over in the street.
So the cult even takes money for Masses for the dead! That is stealing when there is a good chance there is no Purgatory. Purgatory is a place where you suffer after death and are punished for sin but Masses reduce the punishment. There are other ways to make money so this is the sin of simony which the Church says is a very serious sin! The Masses insult the memory of the dead and pollute the living.
Silly People
Silly people who will leave their property and cash to the priest or the parish are to be found in every locality.
The average priest gets a weekly salary of 300 Euro. The people pay for his car and its expenses, his overheads and so on. The mansion he lives in belongs to the parish. A priest can easily save 250 a week.
It is greed to seek and take money you have not earned
The priests do not deserve the money they get. Why not pay the local witch 1 Million euro if she says her spell saved the world from nuclear disaster? She deserves it as much.
Priests are not trained counsellors and have no right to take that role. And they do in the confessional. A minority may visit them to talk over problems. It is stupid to pay priests thinking, "O I may need to talk to them about my problems so I will give them money."
Most counsellors get results by believing and helping clients to see that morality comes from feeling. They would say that if something is bad you cannot say this proves that you ought not to do it. As in Hume's Law, you cannot get an ought from an is.
Nobody has the right to uphold a faith - even implicitly - that teaches vengeful doctrine. The Church claims that sex outside marriage for instance is a grave sin that needs to be repented for if it is not the sinners will pay for it.
The Church teaches that God commands us to love him. Jesus went as far as to say we must obey the commandment to love God with all our whole being - totally and to value all things only for his sake (ie we don't really value them for themselves at all). This contradicts Church teaching that God never manipulates or pressures us to love him for he respects our free will . It is a fact that love cannot be commanded. Thanks to Jesus, the Church does not really mean it when it says that we hurt one another and this hurting is contrary to the will of God. It cannot say, "God is forced to let us hurt one another for we have free will." The Church then in that light is just condoning its God who stands by when babies are tortured to death.
Jesus knew his Old Testament and still stated that only God is good (Matthew 19:17). It is vindictive and judgmental to imply that we are not good.
Jesus wanted those who did not believe to be punished (Mark 16:16) - he was against freedom of thought. Thanks to the Bible's evil influence, the United States allows the execution of children for murder.
The facts are being kept from the people by the priests who take their money in return.
The Catholic Church extracts money from the naïve poor who do not know if it is true or not. Millions of Catholics cannot give you a sound reason for believing in their Church and the Church still begs off them knowing that their decision to pay is uninformed.
Some think they should give money to the Church because it supports Church schools. The Church likes to keep control of Catholic schools and talks about a right to teach religion to children - in other words, there must be a right to be ignorant and they have the right to inflict it on children. If there is only one true religion as the Catholic Church says, does it make sense to have religious schools at all? It means that all religions, but one, are teaching religious and spiritual rubbish to children as fact.
The false charm of some priests can be lucrative. Those who live in sin may say they enjoy attending Mass and the priest is a nice man. That is stupidity. The priest believes his blessing if it works will work towards them ceasing to live in sin. The Church says it is no blessing to be helped to live in sin. The sin can be ended by one of them dying, going off with somebody they can get married to or whatever. Some blessing! And if the pair expect a blessing that will make them happier in their state of sin that is the sin of superstition - calling on God to bless sin. The priest takes their money and cannot be straight with them.
The priesthood uses miracle tales to appeal to people who will fork out in honour of parlour tricks.
The Church teaches that miracles show how loving God is and his adorable personal characteristics. It follows then that it does not matter if a miracle really happened or not as long as we see that it tells us something about God. But the people are interested in the magic. Their curiosity is excited.
Is it fair to assume that a miracle claim is based on a mistake or a lie until proven authentic? You can never prove it completely.
Or should we assume a miracle is based on a mistake until it is proven there is no mistake? You cannot completely rule out mistakes.
Or should we assume as an alternative that a miracle is based on a lie until it is proven there was no lie? Yes for we assume most reports of miracles are lies anyway.
People sometimes find religion so silly and absurd that they cannot believe in it unless they experience a miracle or know somebody that did. The priests are taking advantage of such people by taking their money.
The hypocrisy of the Church is such that it claims that sex is only right when it is persons giving themselves to their beloved in the full commitment of marriage. To be this marriage has to be about unconditional love that is declared to be a lifelong commitment recognised by family, friends, community, society, Church and legal system. Yet the Church solemnises marriages that are not recognised by the law of the land. And human nature being what it is, it is impossible to really love somebody with complete unconditional love. The Church makes money from its hypocrisy on marriage. It gets money for annulling real marriages - it pretends there was no marriage.
The Church engages in ecumenism. Protestants are led to think that they become better Protestants by attending some Catholic worship services. That of course is nonsense unless they scoff at some of the specifically Catholic stuff. And the Catholic Church would not invite them to participate at its rites if the intention was to make them more Protestant. Protestants give money to the Church at those services. The money certainly matters more than honesty and principle.
Roman Catholicism like religion in general creates problems for tolerance. Religion creates questions and issues that would not exist if religion didn't exist. For example, it is because of religion that we must ask if people should be allowed to work on Sunday, allowed contraception, divorce, to circumcise their baby boys. The clergy know fine well that the huge majority do not want clergy rule or excessive clergy interference in politics and society. Yet they take the money of the people and use the status the people give to them to manipulate politics and defy the will of the people.
Do not demean yourself by giving the Church any more.
Church stats 2012
1,166 billion members
412,886 parishes
2864 dioceses
200,000 schools with playgrounds
5000 hospitals
16,000 homes for the elderly
10,000 orphanages
30,000 rehabilitation centres
not to mention the bishops palaces and the monasteries...
New Statesman 14 March 2011 states that the Church owns 72 million hectares - worth hundreds of trillions of dollars.
In Ireland in 2007, The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity sold a site for 20 million euro per hectare.
The pope has St Peter's and other assets valued at 1 Euro each to disguise the wealth of the Church.
The Vatican Bank never allows independent audits and won't realise any reports. It accepts cash and gold only. The papacy is ultimately to blame for this.

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