The Catholic priests get a lot of criticism even in their own community.

The priests promote a hard difficult morality and they are pampered by being free from tax, family life, doing little work, having social status and big houses and fancy cars. The parish pays for this and they can supplement their salary with donations received, masses and baptisms and marriages sold. The rich of Christ’s day who he had harsh words for and said their entry into Heaven was just about impossible weren’t as well off in those terrible times. One didn’t need an awful lot of money to be rich then! Today’s priests are better off. Jesus speaks Matthew 23:4 of the priests of the Jewish religion of his day, “They tie up heavy loads, hard to bear, and place them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves will not lift a finger to help bear them.” These priests didn’t threaten eternal punishment on those who disobeyed their religion like Catholic priests do. They didn’t claim to have supernatural powers which despite their aphorisms on equality makes them pretend they are to be treated like gods. Equality in word not practice is not equality at all. Their lies that the last sacrament they give can save you from Hell has brought untold distress to many who found themselves dying alone in car accidents. Those who preach a stern morality should practice a sterner one. They should not have fancy houses and warm meals when they want them and they certainly should not be hiding child sex abuse when practiced by one of their number. They should only be too eager to take the side of the victims just like they say their Jesus took the side of the underprivileged and outcasts of his day even at the price of his life.

No good done by a person for a religion that believes in harming children deserves praise or credit. There is nothing worse than harming a child. The: “I would help the poor but hurt a child” attitude is clearly evil. There was a Roman Catholic child who at seven years of age was tormented by fears that his unbelieving father could go to Hell to suffer forever. There was the fear of going there himself. That child now speaks up for the countless abuse victims of the clerics who comprise the decision-making for the evil Roman Catholic Church. Jesus said more about Hell than Heaven and there were children in his audience. He is to be condemned as a false saint for saying such things to children. Priests condemn as sins actions like masturbation that do no harm. Human nature is irrational enough and we live in times in which the world could perish through nuclear war.

We do not need religion to create more irrationality than there is.

If people knew the Church better they would not join it if they had a choice to join it. The priesthood is fooling the people - there are so many vicious and ludicrous doctrines the people are not aware of. A religion should be condemned by what it is supposed to believe even if it ignores it or denies what it is supposed to believe. For example, Catholics say the Bible is the infallible word of God. Those Catholics who say that religion should never command violence are contradicting it and their religion even if the very pope agrees with them for the Bible teaches that Jesus and God both regarded such violence as acceptable. Jesus rioted totally unnecessarily in the Temple. He went there to make trouble for he let the problem he had with the Temple workers fester for years. They are going against their religion. If that makes them good people, then it makes their religion bad.

The priests lie that they have sufficient evidence that the faith taught by their religion is all true. There is no evidence and the theological experts have serious disagreements on the logical arguments. Just because somebody is very knowledgeable and intelligent doesn’t mean their logic or science is right. If that were true we wouldn’t have extremely intelligent and knowledge atheist philosophers and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable theologians. If a saint makes legs appear on a man who had no legs that is supposedly a sign from God for only God can do that and he does it so that people will go to the right religion to learn from it. Magical events like that are called miracles. In the case of miracles priests won’t even investigate the reality of miracles and apparitions with a message they don’t like and it is only a handful of the ones that do that they present as evidence or signs from God to support the message of their religion. They filter the evidence and then claim to be honest! Jesus claimed to be the Truth and Catholicism and Christianity claim to be the one true faith. They say Jesus commanded we must worship God in truth, that is by having his truth. So you are not allowed to treat your Catholic religion as probably true or possibly true. You treat it as the truth and as if everything was proven even when it is not. In other words, you obey the papal ban on birth-control no matter how evil or absurd this ban seems to you. This is a very arrogant, stubborn, pig-headed, irresponsible, dangerous and fanatical example that the Roman Catholic religion is setting.

The priests lie that they have faith in their God and that their religion is all true. This is impossible because there is no evidence and you need to have evidence to be able to believe. Blind faith is a contradiction in terms, what is called blind faith is really just guessing, and acting as if you believe. It's self-deception and self-deception means you have to deliberately blind yourself. It means you are a fraud who degrades yourself and those you influence in the name of dogma. Whoever has faith in God without evidence is an idolater because he is worshipping his own fantasy and since he is the creator of that fantasy he must be better than it and so he is by proxy worshipping himself. Only you can decide what moral values you are going to endorse or believe in. The fact that you have to decide is not a choice. It is unavoidable. You will only worship God if you think God endorses similar moral values. So you decide and then you eliminate any view of God that does not fit. Your moral beliefs and values are the real God. To look at God through the lens you have made is to create your own version of God. It may coincide with the real God if there is one but that does not alter the fact that you adore what you decide God should be. It is all about you.

The divine always does things people are not allowed to do. No believer minds if God makes viruses that attack and torture little babies to death. Jesus loved the Old Testament's bloodstained revelations from God. He had an abusive tongue. Krishna was a murderer. God regarded Muhammad as a saint not despite but because of his abuse of women and children and love of war. The gods of the pagans revelled in incest and scheming and murder. Man has a dark side and many of us relieve it by praising others for doing evil. That way we can look good in the eyes of many and we can feel good about ourselves in the same way as we love it when somebody does our dirty work.

The priests condemn magic but prayer is a form of magic. When John prays for a bike he is trying to make his getting a bike happen. He knows that people have got bikes after praying like him and then died on the roads as a result. His asking then is no better than black magick or cursing. He is like a Witch performing spells while trying to make things happen.

Priests will say that unlike Witches John is leaving it up to God to send the bike or not.  But Witches say that spells can fail due to the witches or Gods not really wanting the result or some stronger force getting in the way. There is no real difference. Both are selfishly trying to control reality and what happens instead of leaving it up to the forces that know best.  Anything that uses excuses for not working is a form of magic.  Witches sometimes say that when a spell does not work it actually has but in a better way for you.  Priests say that about prayer.

Another tactic is to say that you will only get the bike from God if it somehow inspires you to be a more holy and good person. Witches can say that about spells too.  The bike then becomes virtue-signalling - God gave me the bike therefore I am a better person or can be in terms of virtue and holiness.

Praying for people looked at as sinners is only hypocrisy for you can’t hate the sin and love the sinner and those who say they can are liars so the more you pray the more devious religion makes you! The only prayer should be, “Lord, Thy will be done” which isn't asking God to do anything but letting him do what he wants. Anything else is just trying to manipulate God. There can be no greater evil than trying to control God himself.

The priests tell you they are serving God. They are not. They are not even serving their belief. They lie that they have faith. What they call faith is really just opinion. Opinion is an assumption. They are serving their religious opinions. Their opinions of God and his teaching are their God not God. They are serving their wishful thinking. The child who creates a fantasy playmate to do nice things for and have fun with is really just pleasing himself because he invents and creates this illusion.

Even if they were serving a belief they would still be serving a belief, their belief, their creation. To serve another person what I serve is what I believe about that person. I believe that person exists - I cannot prove it. I believe I can trust at least partly that person. I never feel fire what I feel is heat. This is the same principle. To serve God is really self-worship. You create a belief and worship it like the idolater making a god out of wood and adoring it.

The priests take money off you that should be put into hospitals. That they are not the only ones doing this should not even come into the discussion for that is not the point. Politicians for example should be financing hospitals too instead of their coffers.

The priests steal money off you saying it is to pay them for speaking God’s truth. It is theft for they give you no evidence that they are entitled to it. They are not paid for doing good for anybody can do good but disgorging their fairy stories and indulging their desire to get people to believe what they want them to believe.

Priests give communion to comfort hypocrites in their hypocrisy. Jesus said we must love God with all our being and be willing to suffer the worst of torments to do his will. We watch non-religious people entertaining and being happy on television. This is a sin for it tempts us to love God less and to think that people can be happy without giving God supreme importance. Everything is a sin if we are to love God as Jesus said. Those who do serious wrong are not allowed to communion. The priest welcomes people who live in comfort and who refuse to simply survive so that their surplus money can go to the poor in Africa. Rome says sex without lifelong commitment in marriage is a serious lie and a serious sin because in sex you are saying you give your whole self. The priest welcomes married couples who have sex but who believe that separation is justified sometimes meaning that when they have sex they sin seriously by indicating, "I am committed to sharing your life unless we separate".

Jesus advocated an aggressive opposition to heresy or disagreeing with "God's truth" and where is this aggressive zeal among the Catholics? He even caused a riot in the Temple without making an effort to get it resolved by negotiation and diplomacy though he had long enough to do so.

The Bible teaches that ignorance of what God has revealed and or disagreement with it is a very serious sin and God and Jesus set up procedures for the expulsion of such from the people of God. Few Catholics agree with their Church or care what it teaches. The priest knows this.

The person who lets their little dog sleep in a cold shed at night when it deserves the best for its short life is welcomed to their communion. People who torment animals in Meat Processing plants and those who hunt for recreation are welcome. And so is the person who admits that he or she can't love the sinner and hate the sin for they end up hating the sinner with the sin! You could write for a week on the priest's encouraging hypocrisy and self-deceit in their rites.

The Catholic church priesthood is a con for it gives treatment for our evil inclinations that does not work. That is worse than any pretended healer. The long term damage is terrible. The fruit is war and lies. The priests are the malefactors not the evil forces and demons they allegedly disperse with their rites and prayers.


The bottom line is the priests are paid for giving prayer rites called sacraments and practicing magic.  This is not acceptable even if you believe in magic. 

God is all-good and to be good makes you happy so God is happy and he does not need our service. Yet we are expected by the priests to die for him. Many would say they are totally evil when they ask for that being to be served for his own sake when it is only right that people who bleed and suffer and who we live with should be served for their sake. You cannot ignore or minimise such a fundamental thing - it eclipses any charm or good that comes from a priest.

Priests have fanaticism and dysfunctionality written all over them and their policies. Their lies and their simpering are a disgrace.  They cover up child sex abuse in their ranks and they pamper themselves despite claiming to preach the strict and difficult and severe commandments of Jesus Christ. They should clean up their own act before preaching a difficult gospel. Catholicism should believe that birth control is evil - it is part of its identity as a religion. Catholicism can't be the true religion if it is wrong about how sinful birth control is. But people should separate from it so that there will be no Catholicism left to believe it. If you belong to or claim to belong to a religion that should believe evil things, then even if it doesn't, you are being evil and supporting evil. A religion that doesn't understand or admit or see how evil it is meant to be is a religion that is being praised for going against itself. It is no compliment to praise it for you are praising ignorance and disobedience. Separate from it.

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