It is normal to question the altruism of a nurse who is well paid for her seeming altruism. You know she would not work so well and maybe she would do nothing at all if she wasn’t getting paid. The Catholic idea that you get rewards in Heaven from God for doing good works certainly implies we have the right to be suspicious about the alleged self-sacrifice of the priests. Do they do the good works out of genuine concern or is it the reward, perhaps fame, they are after?
If a man wants to be respected as a kind of god, the best way to do it is to pretend that he is the minister and representative of an invisible and all-powerful God and invested by God with divine authority. That takes the pressure off a bit. If you claim to be God, you will have to be so clever to pull it off that your life will be a nightmare.

The Church says that lying is always wrong and so she uses mental reservation instead of lying when she wishes to keep the truth from people. She manipulates people to deceive themselves and in the hope that they will misunderstand. Why trust a religion like that when it says it is sincere and caring? The burden of proof is on the religion. It should not insult us by asking us to take its sincerity and holiness for granted.
The doctrines of the Church have been plainly proven to be unintelligible, silly and downright nasty countless times over. That does not stop the Catholic priesthood from harking them. They ignore objections to their doctrines that work and focus on ones that they can refute and then they boast how reasonable and precious their faith is!
It is the person that is right that deserves the most respect for her or his views not the person that is wrong. We should not worry about contradicting people who preach religious nonsense.

The truth should be sent to seminarians. Truth can and should decimate the priesthood and the religious life.
The Roman Catholic faith makes no sense. It is easier not to believe. The Church manipulates people to mistake feelings for faith. They want to go to Heaven and they confuse this with actually believing in Heaven. They feel there is a God and a Heaven and that the communion wafer blessed by a priest really is Jesus and they imagine they believe when what they really mean is that they feel it. When feelings masquerade as beliefs, the Catholic gets very bitter and defensive in relation to critics of the faith.
A religion of feeling can only encourage a priest who is inclined to molest children to go and do so. Many of them have felt “holy” as they did so. A religion that is ridiculous and unconvincing is merely an advertisement for hypocrisy not real goodness.
It is foolish the way some Catholics say they believe that the positive and helpful side of religion is what should be focused on not the negative and inhumane side. It is also irritating. We can’t just ignore the grimy side.

What we should do is clean the religion up or start a cleaner one.
If you have to be committed to being good to be a Christian then the Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian communion.
To do nothing about evil is to assist evil. A “nice” person who says nothing when people do great evil though he or she could is a bigger evil influence than anybody who is not nice and who tries to persuade people to do evil. You will feel more supported about doing evil by those who are nice to you than by anybody else.
It is ridiculous to argue as some do that they go to Church and pay their “dues” to it, not for the bishops or priests or even the pope but for God. They say they attend worship and pay the Church money for God not the ministers of the Church.

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